Saturday, August 31, 2013

Transformers G1 Blitzwing

Got this piece, G1 Blitzwing for some time...finally managed to find a slot to setup and take some pictures of the recent figures and along the way, this fella...
Got it from ebay, it says vintage 1985 G1 Bltizwing...loose and complete with his Gyro-blaster Rifle and Electron Scimitar.
didn't really find out if its a takara boxed reissue or an actual 1985 vintage.
To me, so long as it is complete and playable, nothing broken, its good.

Let's look at Blitzwing now....Very blocky...having some of the worst articulation ever...hahaha
but he's still cool....he's a triple changer!! 
thought of getting him after getting the Generations Voyager Blitzwing.
A terror on the battlefield, the G1 toy (given the small size) does not really reflect that. In fact he don't really look decepticon to me...perhaps they should have upsize him (and Astrotrain too!) slightly, into the height of inferno...

One of his alternate mode: Japanese Type-74 assault tank.
Don't know if it's my piece, but the tailfin of the plane mode will fall out (at the bottom of the tank mode) if i lift it up. Only one of the fins is falling out, so i presume its not a factory fault. not a big issue really as you can't really see it when you display blitz in tank mode.

The second alternate mode: Soviet MiG-25 fighter jet.
Frontal and side views look cool...

But its abit odd to have the tank turret sticking out at the back...

"Tell me what's on your mind, or I'll splatter it on the wall and see for myself"
*Artwork Courtesy of Botch The Crab

Tuesday, August 27, 2013

E-hobby G1 Tigertracks

Quite recently got poisoned by Lamborghini Countach LP500S.
started to look for all the molds using the sideswipe mold and the search lead me to this place...A mail away exclusive released in 2003 through issue 60 of Figure O magazine, it carries the ID No of 90. Also an e-hobby exclusive. This one is getting rarer as each day passes. It's now or never, i told myself...

As per all G1s, artwork on the box is a masterpiece itself. It would be perfect if it was colored.

One of the few artwork which is inclusive of the vehicle this case an artwork of Countach LP500S!

How can a transformer do without tech specs?

Out of packaging. A pity that one of the missiles is off the tree.
Paperworks sealed in bag.

Nice nice piece....

The biocard. Exact replica of sideswipe's artwork minus the color difference.

The tour can never go wrong with a G1 mold. Rubber wheels and die fact, the sideswipe mold and the prowl/streak mold are 2 of the best molds in my view.

Headlights are stuck to the car.

The underside of the car. (it was standing upright...)

Bot mode. One of the most good-looking transformers.
Everyone needs to have a feel of holding a vintage G1 figure. Transform it and roll the car on the ground. You'll discover that for G1 cars, a little effort goes a long way. 

Here it is...the tiger stands beside Sideswipe.
Exactly the same mold, only variance in color. It is a very nice figure to play with and to look at.
If you are into vintages and/or G1s, grab this if you ever come upon a good piece.

ps: i have to start looking for the rest of the countach molds...not the diaclones....hmmm....what else.....

Monday, August 26, 2013

Surprise find at CSC! C-99 Grotesque!

This is what got me excited and delighted today.
Was in CSC (China Square Central) for a couple of deals with other collectors...Wife was helping a friend to look for some Ninja turtles figures as cake topper....kiddo was there to look for his Minion Golfer...
As usual, while the wife and kid i walked around the shops, more interested in the shops that are not specialized, selling almost everything under the sky....(The specialised toyshops i feel that they are too close to the market and too opportunistic, not that i don't visit these shops but it it very highly unlikely i'll buy anything from these specialised shops)
So....i went into a shop, caught a glimpse of a Takara Transformers box at a non-prominent shelf high up. I asked to take a look at it....
Box: abit of wear, which is natural for the years that it has survived.
Styrofoam: nice and pristine
Toy: abit dusty but otherwise nice. Fire sparks still work!
Papers: Complete but stickers applied.
Downside is the that some of the stickers on the figure are somewhat peeling off.

There is already a loose piece of a complete Hasbro Grotesque at home...but looking at this, i can't resist a nicely boxed takara piece...then comes the is very well-priced...such that i just took it without thinking...damn! i forgot to bargain!!

The very nice G1 artwork which toys nowadays can never ever match.

The nice nice styrofoam...something vintage fans can't resist. The thing is you can have a nice Hasbro piece but once the bubble is off, it is equivalent to a loose piece because there is no way you can't properly box it back. Things are different with Takara versions...the STYROFOAM.

A 1987 piece that was released with the Headmasters. There are 2 other monsterbots, Doublecross and Repungus (Repungus was never released in Japan, so only Hasbro version)

The loose Hasbro monster along with the Japanese monster....

Always nice to secure a Takara piece...really satisfying and great day for me...oh yes, i managed to secure an Encore Minibots MISB too...a set that i missed and have eluded me for a long time, managed to find it also at a very reasonable price....gosh, what a great day today...the wife got what she came here for...the kiddo found his minion...what a great day!

Ultraman Ace

Something other than Transformers...
Ultraman has been almost every little kid's hero before. My favorite is the 5th brother, Ultraman Ace.
Don't ask me why, i just like him when i saw him in the series.
Never had a chance to own any of his figure til now.
This figure by Bandai is their version of "Hot Toys" Ultraman. (Don't get me wrong, Hot Toys did not produce any Ultraman figures) Let's look at the packaging first and everything will be clear later.

The Back of the box....

 Here you can see why i mentioned that this series is "Hot Toys" version. 
Total of 4 pairs of fists (a Hot Toys signature for their 12" figures).
and some effects of the Ultraman's power beams.
This is a 7" figure with articulation on the neck, collar, shoulders, elbows, wrists, groin, knees, ankles.

Didn't really take alot of pictures of this changing of fists, no photos of Ace using his power beams as i was too excited looking at an accidental acquisition earlier today....