Sunday, January 9, 2011

Custom Transformers Repaint Ghost Starscream in Transition

Custom repaint of Transformers Ghost Starscream.
i had this idea when Henkei Ghost Starscream was released.
Starscream has always been my favourite transformer character.
The repaint shows Ghost Starscream in transition with the legs still in "ghost" phase.
This comes from the scene in G1 cartoon when Ghost Starscream confronted Octane.
Used tamiya enamel paints for this repaint.
Painted the hood/conpoy in cartoon style.
Washes used to highlight the details.

Transformers Vintage D-306 Darkwings giftset

Transformers Vintage D-306 Darkwings Giftset.
MIB complete but alas, without papers.
Condition of the Box is C8 - C9, very nice box and styrofoam.
Toys are in C9 condition.

This giftset came almost together with the C-131 Raiden giftset...a friend in hong kong helped to acquire this piece and brought it along with him when he came over to Singapore. (saved an amount of shipping! yeah!)
A nice piece to play with too...

Transformers Vintage C-131 Raiden

Another grail conquered...this is one of the most difficult giftsets to obtain...
Rarely you can see this on ebay...
The box is about C-7 - C8
Item is complete with papers.
MIB Used.
For those that want to play with this set and am thinking that it's ok not to have the instruction sheet, they're wrong.
This is one of the most difficult combiner to play with.
Without the instructions, it is almost impossible to complete the combination.
My advice is at least download some scans of the instructions.
then one will be able to enjoy playing with it.