Friday, March 30, 2012

Transformers Vintage G1 D-101 Soundblaster

Transformers Vintage D-101 Soundblaster

Acquired this piece in Hong Kong.

Toy is mint, unused.

Box has flap crease and some minor scuffs.

Close up of the Artwork.

The vintage version has only 1 cassette buzzsaw.

Unused papers and biocards.

The sticker for the cassettes must be there!! right above the Decepticon Rub sign.

Original Buzzsaw, not a recolored piece like the encore version

This is the Encore version. If you remove the clip, you can see the Takara/Hasbro markings. The difference is that the encore version has a "manufactured" date. Its the round molding above the takara marking.

The vintage version do not have the "manufactured" date marking.
Box comparison: Encore box is larger than the vintage version. Probably because of an additional cassette and more space wastage! Ha!
Encore on the left and vintage on the right. Encore has the Decepticon logo on the Cassette deck but not the vintage.

Encore wrist has red lines but not the vintage.

Encore has stickers already applied but not the vintage.
Yellow eyes for vintage.

Red eyes for Encore.

Acquisitions from Hong Kong...

Here are my acquistions from my March 2012 Hong Kong trip.

actually nothing impressive but my best acquisition would be Vintage D-101 Soundblaster. Already have the encore version (here!) but like i mentioned, vintage is the best! and of course got a good deal courtesy of my buddy's discounting and relationship with the shop owner!

Am collecting the molds for the autobot a few reissues...probably able to get them in Singapore too but prices vary...i can say these were acquired of a reasonable price! Encore Skids, Encore Hoist, Encore trailbreaker, E-hobby Silverstreak, Takara Box re-issue Prowl. Managed to grab the last pieces of TFC not devastator, Hercules...namely Neckbreaker (Not bonecrusher) and Mad Blender (Not mixmaster). A newer TF would be the Generations Scraphead. Missed out on this in Singapore. Pretty difficult to find in Singapore at retail price. Fortunately for me, a retail priced piece found in Hong Kong.

Found another MOSC C-18 Henkei Minibots in Macau and also got another set of the Kabaya TFs (Rodimus, Inferno, Victory Leo)

The D-101 is good, very minty except the box has flap crease...but again and again, not complaining!

For the autobot cars, i'm now looking to colelct the molds so whether vinateg or reissue, i'm ok!! just a few more to complete the cars!!

Hercules is finally complete! After all 6 figures were released, there was a mad craze about Hercules in Hong kong. Such that everywhere was sold out! Luckily managed to get my buddy to grab the last pieces for me a couple of weeks before i'm there!

Monday, March 19, 2012

Hong Kong Toy Hunting

Yup, was in Hong Kong a about 5 days last week, of course managed to free up some time for toy hunting...didn't know alot of places to went back to the place where my buddy showed me....In's Point. Its very near to the MTR Yau Ma Tei Station Exit A2....Less than a minute's walk from the exit.

Walked around the building...basically the shops on the 1st and 2nd floor sells collectibles, mainly's some Hot Toys ( 12" figures)

The highly coveted Iron Man Mark I...but will not be anymore once its reissued!! Hahaha

One of the few if not the only shop that has Transformers Vintage...Nice Superion Giftset, Vintage Kabayas, Scorponok...

Fortress Maximus C-114, Piranacon giftset, some pretenders....the empty space in front of Fortress Maximus previously stood what i bought...hehehe

D-311 Black Zarak, 02 x Victory Saber giftsets, God Ginrai, some lucky draw stuff...

Walking further led me to this! Thundercats Sword Of Omens!! Have been wanting this since young! Asked the price and found out that they brought in this from Europe then they customised the lights and did some repaint to it...the costs was too unjustifiable for me to gave up...anyway, i came back to Singapore and bought one of ebay...hehehe

After In's point, on another day, went over to Toys R Us....tons of Dragon year Ultimate Optimus prime....

special items counter carries, Encore Twincast/Soundblaster, Commenmorative Rodimus Prime/Sideswipe.

Another corner hides Encore Devastator, MP-10 Convoy, Henkei Rodimus, Disney label Mickey mouse...

Not impressive at all...and the prices area really can forget toys R us if you're looking for reasonably priced transformers...

Went back to In's point after Toys R Us and wallah...they have new vintages!

C-306 RoadKing (dont know if i got the number right), C-112 Autobot Clones, black animated optimus prime...

C-131 Raiden Giftset!!

Last day, went to Sham Sui Po for a meal...along the streets were lined with shops selling toys and lotsa KO transformers...

Well, that's all for me this round...if you need to know where exactly is In's point, i'd be glad to guide...just gimme a up, my hauls in Hong Kong...

Monday, March 12, 2012

Off to Hong Kong....

I'm off to Hong back in a week...will be meeting up with my buddy and of course collecting some toys from him as well as some Transformers Hunting...wish me luck!!

Friday, March 9, 2012

TFCC Club Exclusive Shattered Glass Drift

TFCC Club Exclusive Shattered Glass Drift

Just a recolor and added some patterns to the paint work.

I like this version of Drift though i've never liked this mold. Perhaps its the vibrant red that is catching my attention.

Really like this red version more than any other version.

the chinese character in the middle of the bonnet is actually my middle chinese name!

TFCC Club Exclusive Overrun (Runabout)

TFCC Club Exclusive Overrun (Runabout)

Asked a friend to help order this together with Shattered Glass Drift.

Box art is does all the TFCC least for all the exclusives i bought from TFCC, the boxart does nto disappoint...but of course i prefer the vintage boxarts.

the foam has an additional slot for Runamuck (which is a TFCC member's free figure) due to release after Botcon.

Mold is basically same as Generations Wheeljack and RTS Tracks...

But the head sculpt for Overrun is BESTEST!

though i never liked this mold, coz i find the overall figure too short and wide..