Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Transformers Toy Shop RoboRobo

Had some free time today and went over to RoboRobo at excelsior's hotel shopping arcade.

The shop justhad its display upgraded/renovated looks real nice.

But the real nice is actually from this display cabinet below.

Lotsa of Gee-wuns!!

All pieces are somewhat minty, combinations of MIB and MISB pieces.

They have a very nice browning and Darkwings giftset, almost all the G1 combiner giftsets.

Black zarak was there too but the box had 2 big tears in front...couldnt see the condition of the back of the box.

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Transformers TFCC Botcon G2 Universe Ramjet

Transformers TFCC G2 Universe Ramjet

Glad i got this together with another forumer on TFW2005.

Was deliberating for awhile but when he posted the question, i had some "encouragement" to get it and went ahead.

There may be some feedback that the toy was loose, and fall to pieces easily but i wasnt at all worried. Am very familiar with this mold and unless its broken, there's nothing for me to complain about.

Very representative of the G2 series, nice box/box art as usual for TFCC stuffs....

Now, bring on my Botcon Stuntmen!!!

Monday, June 6, 2011

Transformers AFA 90 Reissue Starscream

I'd probably never get a vintage AFA thought i should at least have am AFA starscream in my possession....

This came along on ebay and i grabbed it.

AFA 90 Re-issue Starscream.

Nothing much you can do with this except to store or display. Anyway, i already have this piece and there are tons of this mold in the market, so i do not "crave" to play with this mold.

But hey, i can finally say i own a piece of Starscream this is being graded by AFA!

Transformers E-hobby Black Robot Masters Starscream

Transformers E-hobby robot masters black Starscream

Looking for this piece at a good price for a long time, wanted this but it has never been a priority as i already have the normal colored version. But nevertheless, couldn't resist when i come across this piece on ebay at a very good price.

Box is ok, i believe the toy is used but only for display, everything else is mint in bag...

All along i felt that this mold is kinda flimsy so did not have much expectation for it. But it still looks cool coz it's STARSCREAM!