Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Transformers Vintage C-360 Sky Garry

Sky Garry is one of the lead in Star Convoy: Return Of the Convoy
At the beginning of Battlestars, Dai Atlas gave Sky Garry zodiac energy and appointed him deputy commander of the Cybertrons (Autobots). Following his victory over nise (false) convoy, Sky Garry used the zodiac energy to revive convoy as Star Convoy. Sky Garry admires Star Convoy tremendously and is his right hand man.
The Mystery Circle Punch, named for crop circles, is his special attack.
one of my "newly" purchased vintages...Got this for a very good price mainly because the box is not in a good condition. But heck, i bought it for the figure.
Box was bad, the figure is in excellent C-10 condition.
Stickers unapplied.

THE CROW statues, figures

From left: McFarlane Movie maniacs The Crow Figure, Cold cast porcelain Statue, Hand painted Vinyl The Crow Figure, The Crow Transformation Diorama from NECA.
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