Monday, February 22, 2010

Custom ROTF Jetfire Repaint

Custom Repaint of ROTF Jetfire.
Did this commission for a friend.
Basically used enamel paint for this.
The only acrylics used are for the"whiskers" on the face.
Added details to the body and engines.
Colors used for the Body: Flat black for base and chrome silver for dry brushing.

Lucky Draw Black Fire Convoy!!!

Fianlly acquired this Lucky Draw Grail!!
Lucky Draw Black Fire Convoy!!
No box but instructions included.
Excellent condition.
I really enjoyed this piece of masterpiece!!
Really a must get for Fire Convoy/Optimus Prime fans!!

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Custom Repaint: Kabaya Classics Optimus Prime (Lazy Version)

Custom repaint of Kabaya Classics Optimus Prime.
Tried giving it a metallic look.
The reason why this is called the "Lazy Version" is because i'm supposed to do the repaint with an airbrush...instead i used myhands...hand brushed it, that is why the uneven coat and color...
Nevertheless, i got the effect which i was looking this is more or less a testformer...