Friday, December 31, 2010

Transformers 2010 Reissue Predaking

I missed out the first re-issue several years ago and i deeply regretted that.
2010...TakaraTomy decided to re-issue this monster again...though the box artwork is different, i'm not going to miss it AGAIN!!
So here it is...Predaking and the Predacons...with the diecast, its all worth every penny...
Stickers not applied yet....full of play worth!
sorry about the ugly background though...


Razorclaw: Bot mode

Razorclaw: Alternate mode
Tantrum: Bot mode
Tantrum: Alternate mode
Headstrong: Bot mode
Headstrong: Alternate mode
Rampage: Bot mode
Rampage: Alternate mode
Divebomb: Bot mode
Divebomb: Alternate mode

Saturday, November 27, 2010

Custom Constructicons/Devastator Version 2

Completed version 2 of my Custom Constructicons...Now it's letting the paint cure and apply some decals...Devastator cometh in very nbear future!

Friday, November 12, 2010

Custom Devastator chest shield

Made this also because it is a chore to find TFTM Dropkick.
Let me know if you need one!

Family Mart Lucky Draw Clear ROTF Optimus Prime

Also from Yahoo Japan.
Family Mart Lucky draw exclusive Clear ROTF Optimus Prime
Another nice piece of clear Transformers not to mention that it is an exclusive.

Transformers Vintage Micromasters Sixtrain giftset

Got this nice MISB set from yahoo Japan.
Very good box condition.
After Six turbo, Six builder, Six Wing, Six Train...
now i'm left with Six Liner....then my micromasters combiners collection will be complete!

Monday, October 11, 2010

Vintage Transformers Victory Greatshot

Another piece of Vintage.
Transformers Victory Greatshot
Used MIB complete with instructions.
One of my G1 targets...another one down!!
Greatshot is a sixchanger, of nearly the same mold as sixshot.
Instead of a lion, Greatshot is a Rhino and the head sculpt is also different than that of sixshot.
Definitely prefer Greatshot than Sixshot!

Friday, October 8, 2010

Casted parts for Transformers Customs

I got sick off trying to look for the crotch panels for unicron which alot of people use for custom combiners/ i decided to cast the panels myself.
Along with the panels, i find beheading a Supreme Starscream just not justifiable, especially when i'm a starscream comes the Supreme Starscream head.
If you need any, just gimme a heads up!
I can cast a few more for sale!

Lucky Draw Transformers Animated Optimus Prime

Lucky Draw Animated Optimus Prime.

My second piece of LD transformers.

Was MISB until i opened it up. Box was not in mint condition with some dents and knocks...

Saturday, September 4, 2010

War For Cybertron Starscream

Transformers War For Cybertron Exclusive Starscream.
This is a free gift with every PS3 War For Cybertron game purchased in the UK, i think.
Supposedly not for sale separately, but i guesses people waste no chance of money making and there are people like me who wants only the figure.
I'm not going to buy a PS3 game just for the figure, i can get the game in Singapore...also, this figure was found on ebay for
Item WAS mint in bag, complete with instructions and box.
I have since removed it from the bag.. :)

Transformers Titanium Starscream

Transformers Titanium Starscream.
Item is loose and complete with display stand.
No instructions but the transformation was easy.
Was looking for it for awhile...when finally saw a piece with a good price on ebay, grabbed it...

Transformers Vintage Micromaster Six Turbo Giftset

Transformers Vintage Micromasters Six Turbo Giftset.
Didn't like the went on to acquire the giftsets.
Sixbuilder and Sixwing are on the way.
MIB complete.
A bit of yellowing on the white cars...not complaining anyway...i could throw them into peroxide bath to get them white again... :)

TFCC Exclusive Punch/Counterpunch

TFCC Exclusive Botcon Punch/Counterpunch
Ordered this from the TFCC website.
Not a member so didn't get a member's price.
but really, even if i've got the member, membership fees and item cost + shipping would have dealt me the same price as i bought it as a non-member price.
unless i have other TFCC items i want..for just 1 figure? nah...
The boxart's for the bot, i feel that the head is a tad too small for the mold...especially for punch...

the box art's really nice!

Machine Wars Starscream

Another addition along a few more to add to my starscream collection...
Machine Wars Starscream.
Item is loose, complete with all 6 missiles.
No papers but it's ok...HELL, it's Starscream!

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Transformers Vintage C-312 Sixknight

Transformers Vintage C-312 Sixknight
One of my takara favourites, Sixknight. A recolor of Quickswitch.
Item is without papers. Toy is in good condition. Box is abit worn down but i'm not complaining.
Another target down!

Monday, July 5, 2010

Transformers Vintage C-314/C-315/C-317 Spark Dash & MachTackle (Landcross)

Actually saw these when i was in Japan (Akihabara) Mandarake Complex.
Wanted to buy but was following a Landcross Giftset auction on Ebay...So didn't get this piece then...
After i cam back and lost the auction, i managed to get my friend to grab this for me!
Nice toy to play with and fairly reasonable price too!
Ther sparkdash bots were a surprise friend was telling me all the numbers of the vintages...C-314, C-315, C-320.......then i said..."wait...let me find out"
Ended up getting this 2 fellas...too bad the third spark bot wasn't around....
The box condition was very good and so were the toys. Definitely a good buy!

Sunday, July 4, 2010

Generations, Masterpiece Ghost and Alternity Starscream.

Some of my hauls a friend to get all these at the best price available. (hopefully!)
Introducing first: Masterpiece Ghost Starscream!
This has to be my favourite piece!
Got 2 pieces of the villianous bugger!
A cool figure and it's not as fragile or breakable as it fact i find it more sturdy than the first MP starscream...

War For Cyberton Optimus Prime
Very good mold with a challenging transformation.
Cool figure too but really needs a good paint job.
Generations Thrust.
Same mold as Henkei/Universe Ramjet. (actually i never played with a conehead before as mine are all still MOSC)
But being very similar to a starscream mold, i could transform it easily...
No complains on this fella though...

Generations Drift
Don't know about this guy much.
The transformation is okay and the car mode is mode is abit somewhat different form the usual prowls, swipes and streakers...
The sword plus pair of daggers....C-O-O-L!
Alternity Starscream
Though i'm a Starscream fan/slut, this has to be the worst of all so far.
I tried transforming it once, after i got it out of the box/tray.
And hell, i would probably never ever transform it again...joints are loose, the doors drop easily..and the four spider, are there any non-blind QC at hasbro?
i had to color the top 2 eyes black to make it look so much more easy on my eyes...
a flimsy figure...the only factor that would salvage this fella is the design...otherwise, nuts!

Saturday, June 19, 2010

Transformers Vintage Headmasters Carb/Cab

Vintage Headmasters Carb/Cab
MIB Complete Unused.
Stickers unapplied.
Toy in excellent condition!