Thursday, December 10, 2009

Transformers Vintage G1 Grandus

Grandus is an Autobot from the Return of Convoy portion of the Gernartion 1 continuity family.
Grandus ia a colossal Autobot who serves as a base for the numerous autobot Micromasters. He can combine with Star Convoy and Sky Garry to from the triple combination Battlestar Attack.

His Micromaster partner is Spinner.
To counter the threat of Dark Nova, the autobots formed an elite sub-group known as the Battlestars, headlined by Sky Garry and Grandus. Their mission was to revive Optimus Prime so that he might thwart Dark Nova.

Aware of the mission of the Battlestars, Dark Nova stole Optimus Prime's body and cloned it as the evil false convoy. Grandus and Spinner proved instrumental in defeating False convoy before he could kill sixliner.

After False Convoy's defeat, Grandus and the Battelstars rescued the fallen supreme commander's corpse from the Great Novaroid forces on planet Lucifer. Using hte power of the Zodiac, they brought Optimus Prime back to life and upgraded him to Star Convoy.

Later, Grandus was stuck cleaning up the remaining Novaroid and Galaman soldiers on planet Lucifer while Star Convoy and Sixliner faced Super Megatron alone on Earth.

Grandus eventually joined the other Battlestars in a space battle against Super Megatron and his great Galaman warriors. Combining into the triple Combination Battlestar Attack, they shot Super Megatron into pieces.

Dark Nova then revealed himself and upgraded Super Megatron into Ultra Megatron.

Then afte that, the Decepticon Emperor merged with Ultra Megatronto become the Star Giant.

Grandus and the other battlestars travelled into Star Giant's stomach and took the behemoth apart from the inside-out, narrowly escaping just as their foe exploded and died.


  1. tell me. is he a holy grale of transformers toys? i thought i would read something about the toy. i don't care about the story

  2. LoL….Grandus is considered rare especially without yellowing…if you do see one, grab it!! Something more about the toy…its a plastic block with no articulation whatever…and its a very expensive plastic block at the current rate it is going at…cheers.