Friday, December 18, 2009

Transformer Vintage Pretender Monstructor

Transformers Vintage Monstructor
All loose pieces, in good condition. Missing 3 shells and 4 weapons.
Have been aiming this for a long time...
Finally got it off ebay. The rest of the shells should be easily available on ebay.
Having to see it for the first time, was slightly disappointed as i thought that the size would be equivalent to G1 combiners like Devastator, superion etc, but not!

Monstructor is formed by combining all six individually-carded Pretender Monsters. Much like the earlier transformer teams, he requires the attachment of separate accessories - his head, waist, fists and feet - to complete his robot mode. However, unlike earlier combiners, the separate pieces can all be stored on the individual team members; they fit on the backplates of the pretender shells. As his individual components are not much larger than a Micromaster, Monstructor is the smallest fo the G1 combiners, standing about the same height as regular toys like Hot Rod...yes, even shorter than the Micromaster Six-team's combined form.
Monstructor was the final G1 combiner released by Hasbro,and the only one to not be released in a giftset in any market.
This set of mold was also used to make Dinoking, the Dinoforce's combined form.

Beneath the gibbous moons of Cybertron, in the great dark spaces of the sunless void, far beyond the realms of man's childish reachings, does the great dread Monstructor have his origin. A being that seems instinct with some fearful and unnatural malignancy, his form like a robot and a deep great shadow at once, his very presence is said to drain light and life from the world around him, feeding his ancient hunger. A palable cloak of dread follows his movements, and the very sight of his summoning and formation has driven sane beings beyond the bound of madness. All living things, mechanical or organic, decay and die at his merest touch.
Monstructor is the channel for an evil beyond the darkest Decepticon imagination, and far beyond the puerile concerns of the insignificant beings who make up his composite form. He longs for the day, foretold in darkness, when he shall be split asunder no longer, and will rise one final time, free to travel the stars, from world to world, extingusihing all life sparks, ravening for delight.
Monstructor's body is the combined form of six Pretender Monsters: Ice pick, Birdbrain, Bristleback, Scowl, Slog, Wildfly.

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