Saturday, June 19, 2010

Transformers Vintage Headmasters Carb/Cab

Vintage Headmasters Carb/Cab
MIB Complete Unused.
Stickers unapplied.
Toy in excellent condition!

Transformers Vintage Headmaster Highbrow

Vintage Headmasters Highbrow
MIB complete.
Toy in superb condition!
Stickers applied.

Clear Armada Optimus Prime

Clear Armada Optimus Prime
This is another exclusive set which normally comes together with the Black Armada Optimus Prime. But i'm only interested in the clear piece.
Bought it immediately when i saw it selling individually, not to mention it was cheaper than in Singapore!
Still MISB!

Exclusive clear Galaxy Force legends set

Exclusive Clear Galaxy Force Legends Class Set
Includes Megatron, Optimus Prime and Starscream
Only Optimus Prime and Starscream is clear. Megatron is a recolor.
Legends class size.
Still MISB. Grabbed it the moment i saw it...clear stuffs are my weaknesses. LOL

Sunday, June 6, 2010

Botcon Shattered Glass Starscream

Struggled for a long time...but finally decided to get it when i came across a good deal on ebay...
Botcon Shattered Glass Starscream.
Same mold as Galaxy Force Starscream, another recolor...
Figure is bone white, complete with all Tech Spec card and instructions.