Saturday, September 4, 2010

War For Cybertron Starscream

Transformers War For Cybertron Exclusive Starscream.
This is a free gift with every PS3 War For Cybertron game purchased in the UK, i think.
Supposedly not for sale separately, but i guesses people waste no chance of money making and there are people like me who wants only the figure.
I'm not going to buy a PS3 game just for the figure, i can get the game in Singapore...also, this figure was found on ebay for
Item WAS mint in bag, complete with instructions and box.
I have since removed it from the bag.. :)

Transformers Titanium Starscream

Transformers Titanium Starscream.
Item is loose and complete with display stand.
No instructions but the transformation was easy.
Was looking for it for awhile...when finally saw a piece with a good price on ebay, grabbed it...

Transformers Vintage Micromaster Six Turbo Giftset

Transformers Vintage Micromasters Six Turbo Giftset.
Didn't like the went on to acquire the giftsets.
Sixbuilder and Sixwing are on the way.
MIB complete.
A bit of yellowing on the white cars...not complaining anyway...i could throw them into peroxide bath to get them white again... :)

TFCC Exclusive Punch/Counterpunch

TFCC Exclusive Botcon Punch/Counterpunch
Ordered this from the TFCC website.
Not a member so didn't get a member's price.
but really, even if i've got the member, membership fees and item cost + shipping would have dealt me the same price as i bought it as a non-member price.
unless i have other TFCC items i want..for just 1 figure? nah...
The boxart's for the bot, i feel that the head is a tad too small for the mold...especially for punch...

the box art's really nice!

Machine Wars Starscream

Another addition along a few more to add to my starscream collection...
Machine Wars Starscream.
Item is loose, complete with all 6 missiles.
No papers but it's ok...HELL, it's Starscream!