Saturday, September 22, 2012

Custom DOTM Fire Convoy

Transformers Custom DOTM Fire Convoy
Concept is thought of by a friend...then he passed me the Sentinel Prime and the Jetwing Prime head.
He just wanted to have the Jetwing Prime head replacing the Sentinel, but as i was modifying the head, i figured that after painting, the head and the body would look different in color...proceeded to paint the whole bot instead...only the bot, didnt repaint on the vehicle mode.
Repaint as usual is done with enamels, and Mr Color chrome silver...and the figure was given several washes..and here it is...

Awaiting in the shadows of the moon, ready to spring an attack on the decepticons who has conquered Cybertron and Earth...more wisdom than Optimus Prime, more powerful than Ultimate Prme, more agile than Powered Up Prime, more stealth than Jetwing Prime....ARISE DOTM FIRE, light our darkest hour!!!

The fiercest incarnation of Optimus Prime, DOTM Fire Convoyshows no mercy...also the darkest of all Primes, a lisght shift will see hi, forgo his autobot ethics to convert to Shattered Glass!