Monday, October 11, 2010

Vintage Transformers Victory Greatshot

Another piece of Vintage.
Transformers Victory Greatshot
Used MIB complete with instructions.
One of my G1 targets...another one down!!
Greatshot is a sixchanger, of nearly the same mold as sixshot.
Instead of a lion, Greatshot is a Rhino and the head sculpt is also different than that of sixshot.
Definitely prefer Greatshot than Sixshot!

Friday, October 8, 2010

Casted parts for Transformers Customs

I got sick off trying to look for the crotch panels for unicron which alot of people use for custom combiners/ i decided to cast the panels myself.
Along with the panels, i find beheading a Supreme Starscream just not justifiable, especially when i'm a starscream comes the Supreme Starscream head.
If you need any, just gimme a heads up!
I can cast a few more for sale!

Lucky Draw Transformers Animated Optimus Prime

Lucky Draw Animated Optimus Prime.

My second piece of LD transformers.

Was MISB until i opened it up. Box was not in mint condition with some dents and knocks...