Friday, March 30, 2012

Transformers Vintage G1 D-101 Soundblaster

Transformers Vintage D-101 Soundblaster

Acquired this piece in Hong Kong.

Toy is mint, unused.

Box has flap crease and some minor scuffs.

Close up of the Artwork.

The vintage version has only 1 cassette buzzsaw.

Unused papers and biocards.

The sticker for the cassettes must be there!! right above the Decepticon Rub sign.

Original Buzzsaw, not a recolored piece like the encore version

This is the Encore version. If you remove the clip, you can see the Takara/Hasbro markings. The difference is that the encore version has a "manufactured" date. Its the round molding above the takara marking.

The vintage version do not have the "manufactured" date marking.
Box comparison: Encore box is larger than the vintage version. Probably because of an additional cassette and more space wastage! Ha!
Encore on the left and vintage on the right. Encore has the Decepticon logo on the Cassette deck but not the vintage.

Encore wrist has red lines but not the vintage.

Encore has stickers already applied but not the vintage.
Yellow eyes for vintage.

Red eyes for Encore.


  1. Aaarrgghh! You lucky SOB, I've been looking for one of these forever! Nice score!

  2. Vintage Soundblaster is a seriously awesome piece!

  3. I love Soundblaster too, I managed to get a basically unused one, just one missile broken off tree, but very mint and soooo sick! Anyone have a vintage Twincast gun? Th e only part I am missing out of my Japanese boxed G1s, plus my Metalhawk could use a new box Haha!!