Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Classics Starscream vs KO Classics Starscream

Bought a KO Classics/Universe Deluxe Starscream.

And i have a MOSC original piece. Made comparisons and here are the differences i found.

Original on the left. Rocket launchers are faced in the correct direction. Missiles are facing upwards.

KO on the right, the rocket launchers are installed in the opposite direction and one of the missles is packed in the wrong direction.

Artwork look terrifying similar....

Original at the top. "Each Sold Separately" is printed

KO does not have "Each Sold Separately"

Original at the top. Corners are normal.

KO at the bottom, corners are rounded.

Original on the right. Megatron and Decepticon word has "All rights reserved" logo.

Original at the top. Number imprinted is clear and up to mark.

KO at the bottom, number imprint is crappy.

Original on the right. Groove is available at knee.

KO on the left, no groove.

Original at the top. No number imprint on the right leg.

KO on the bottom, there is a slight number imprint. but not significant.

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Custom Transformers Reveal The Shield Jazz with LED eyes

My first try at customizing electronics into Transformers.

Here we have a Reveal The Shield Jazz.

Vehicle mode. Just like any other RTS Jazz....

Bot mode. Yes, still the same old RTS Jazz....
But look carefully, you'll see a switch on Jazz's waist on his left....move the switch and...
the eyes light up!!
Dealing with electronics is really not easy...had alot of trial and errors and spoilt switches, LEDs, wires....spent alot of time, solders & even required the help of a friend who solders very well...At the end of it all, the satisfaction level is GREAT!

Transformers Million Publishing Exclusive United Stepper and Riocchet

Transformers Million Publishing Exclusive United Stepper with Riocchet

This is an exclusive which can be ordered with the coupon attached to Million Publishing Magazine: Transformers Generations 2011 Vol. 1

I did not manage to order as i got the magazine too late. Nevertheless, manage to grab 1 piece after it was released and a forum member/friend gave me a heads up on a cheap piece on ebay. Grabbed it. Regret. NO.

Giving the United Jazz a recolor into Stepper. This figure oozes appeal to all....attached with his targetmaster Riocchet, I half expect Stepper to follow his G1 counterpart's footsteps, to be "exclusive" until some china company comes out with the K.O piece.

For Stepper, I posted a video on him too! (Here!)

The flames are actually printed onto the figure and not decals. Initially i thought that they would use stickers.

Riocchet is using the same mold as Reveal The Shield [Battle in Space] Cyclonus's companion Nightstick.

This is clearly one of the better exclusives to acquire. The price might be a bit too steep for a deluxe figure. But after you have it on hand...everything's worth it.

MakeToys Bomber (Not Powerglide) and Hover (Not Seaspray)

MakeToys Bomber and Hover

Basically a 3rd party issue of powerglide and seaspray, complete with G1-ness and articulation.

The size is closer to the original G1 minibot size, unlike the Classics Ultra Powerglide (Here!) and the HFTD Voyager Seaspray.

I posted a video on youtube regarding this 2 fellas: Video

For bomber, the articulation of the elbows are somewhat limited, only being able to bend inwards. If you need to bend it forward, the fist will be facing palm-wards to the sky.

But i think the face makes up for it. The screw exposed on the forehead is a reminiscence of the G1 figure.

The articulation on the hips and knees are well executed.

Transformation is somewhat easy. I need not check with the instruction sheet provided. I guess you just have to fidget with the fella abit and it will all work out. But have to be careful with the tail wing (feet) when transforming as it may get abit tricky and filmsy. The color is also G1-like (thumbs up!)....overall i would say its still ok to acquire.

Hover is also a good reminiscence of the G1 Seaspray.

Articulation at the shoulders, elbows, hips, knees and even feet makes it a good figure to pose/play with.

Transformation for Seaspray is a challenge for me. Though similarly, no instructions required, but i always pop out the arms while trying to push the propeller upwards to transform into the bot mode. Vice versa, i have to be really really careful so as not to pop out the arms. Thank goodness that the arms are connected via ball joints and easy to fix. For a moment i thought i had broken something!! This is the about the only complain i have. If i really wana be fussy with it, then it will be the "Ronald McDonald shoes" he's wearing. Color-wise, its spot on vs G1 version.

Friday, January 20, 2012

TFC Hercules Exgraver (Not Scavenger)

Transformers 3rd Party Hercules Exgraver (Not Scavenger)

The first of the "not constructicons" which i bought.

Came with a part missing but spoke to TFC and they sent in the replacement part.

Not bad for a toy manufacturer...but then again i need to go through a friend...emailing them takes a long time to get a respond.

As the rest, to transform into Hercules's right arm, there's no requirement for partsforming.

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

TFC Hercules Structor (Not Scrapper)

TFC Hercules Structor (Not Scrapper)

One of the best rendition of the Constructicon Leader.

Almost 99% likeness to his G1 counterpart.

Awesome articulation for a "G1" toy... There's something to complain about though..the hood for the vehicle mode isn't G1-like. It's a cabin rather than a hood...well, nothing's perfect...

Thursday, January 5, 2012

TFC Hercules Heavy Load (Not Long Haul)

TFC Hercules Heavy Load (Not Long Haul)

Not a bad mold, so far all the "not constrcuticons" are well-built.

G1-likeness is there, poseability is there.

the only thing i can complain about is the paint job. not there the paint job is crap but i feel more details can be added. Definitely a call for the customizers out there to give Hercules a new coat.

Really have no complaints about this one...after transforming it a couple of times, i gave them to my 3 year old boy to play with. In fact, these are built in a way which is more robust than the official toys for the CHUG line. I can safely retrieve them from my boy's toy basket and still intact.

The vehicle mode is what boys like...to push the vehicles around. All 4 wheels can touch the ground...and we all know that some TFs can't due to the transformation difficulty; that the parts can't clip together etc, etc... Like the MP-09 Rodimus prime?