Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Custom Transformers Reveal The Shield Jazz with LED eyes

My first try at customizing electronics into Transformers.

Here we have a Reveal The Shield Jazz.

Vehicle mode. Just like any other RTS Jazz....

Bot mode. Yes, still the same old RTS Jazz....
But look carefully, you'll see a switch on Jazz's waist on his left....move the switch and...
the eyes light up!!
Dealing with electronics is really not easy...had alot of trial and errors and spoilt switches, LEDs, wires....spent alot of time, solders & even required the help of a friend who solders very well...At the end of it all, the satisfaction level is GREAT!


  1. That looks awesome. Would be even nicer if the bulb is less bright so that only the eyes light up with the head also appearing to be glowing.

  2. nice job! :)
    yea, think making the LED less bright would make it look great, looks like its going to shoot lazers out of its eyes :P

  3. thanks! and yes...i guess the lights a tad too bright...will try to dim it down...but hell, electronics is not easy...furthermore in such a tight space...i'm thinking twice about sending this guy to the operations theatre...hahaha

  4. well if its too difficult then i guess leave him be, but just probably something to take into consideration for future projects :)