Tuesday, January 3, 2012

TFC Hercules Dr Crank (Not Hook)

Bought Exgraver (Not scavenger) earlier. But did not Take any photos of it.

When i went to Hong Kong in Dec 2011, i actually picked up the other of the "Not constructicons" at a very good price (thanks to my buddy in Hong Kong!).

This is the first...Dr Crank (Not Hook).

Joints are really tight. No stickers required. Very simple instruction which are easy to follow. In any case, to those that play with transformers regularly, you could probably "decipher" how to transform the figure easily.

Nice articulations add the CHUG feel to the toy, yet retaining G1-ness.

The Hercules joints (which looked like the energon combiner joints) are super tight. making the combined form somewhat robust. In fact i think the combiner joints are more effective than some G1 combiner joints. But of coz, nothing beats G1!

Weapons for all the "Not constructicons" are quite similar, making it confusing which belongs to who if you mix them up. Especially for me since i threw away the boxes and brought them back to Singapore loose.

Articulated yet blocky....:)

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