Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Transformers Million Publishing Exclusive United Stepper and Riocchet

Transformers Million Publishing Exclusive United Stepper with Riocchet

This is an exclusive which can be ordered with the coupon attached to Million Publishing Magazine: Transformers Generations 2011 Vol. 1

I did not manage to order as i got the magazine too late. Nevertheless, manage to grab 1 piece after it was released and a forum member/friend gave me a heads up on a cheap piece on ebay. Grabbed it. Regret. NO.

Giving the United Jazz a recolor into Stepper. This figure oozes appeal to all....attached with his targetmaster Riocchet, I half expect Stepper to follow his G1 counterpart's footsteps, to be "exclusive" until some china company comes out with the K.O piece.

For Stepper, I posted a video on him too! (Here!)

The flames are actually printed onto the figure and not decals. Initially i thought that they would use stickers.

Riocchet is using the same mold as Reveal The Shield [Battle in Space] Cyclonus's companion Nightstick.

This is clearly one of the better exclusives to acquire. The price might be a bit too steep for a deluxe figure. But after you have it on hand...everything's worth it.

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