Thursday, January 5, 2012

TFC Hercules Heavy Load (Not Long Haul)

TFC Hercules Heavy Load (Not Long Haul)

Not a bad mold, so far all the "not constrcuticons" are well-built.

G1-likeness is there, poseability is there.

the only thing i can complain about is the paint job. not there the paint job is crap but i feel more details can be added. Definitely a call for the customizers out there to give Hercules a new coat.

Really have no complaints about this one...after transforming it a couple of times, i gave them to my 3 year old boy to play with. In fact, these are built in a way which is more robust than the official toys for the CHUG line. I can safely retrieve them from my boy's toy basket and still intact.

The vehicle mode is what boys push the vehicles around. All 4 wheels can touch the ground...and we all know that some TFs can't due to the transformation difficulty; that the parts can't clip together etc, etc... Like the MP-09 Rodimus prime?

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