Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Classics Starscream vs KO Classics Starscream

Bought a KO Classics/Universe Deluxe Starscream.

And i have a MOSC original piece. Made comparisons and here are the differences i found.

Original on the left. Rocket launchers are faced in the correct direction. Missiles are facing upwards.

KO on the right, the rocket launchers are installed in the opposite direction and one of the missles is packed in the wrong direction.

Artwork look terrifying similar....

Original at the top. "Each Sold Separately" is printed

KO does not have "Each Sold Separately"

Original at the top. Corners are normal.

KO at the bottom, corners are rounded.

Original on the right. Megatron and Decepticon word has "All rights reserved" logo.

Original at the top. Number imprinted is clear and up to mark.

KO at the bottom, number imprint is crappy.

Original on the right. Groove is available at knee.

KO on the left, no groove.

Original at the top. No number imprint on the right leg.

KO on the bottom, there is a slight number imprint. but not significant.


  1. Awesome...I just received this very same KO Starscream listed as a genuine Hasbro item from eBay. Cost me $27 shipped which is not the end of the world and it looks nice, but still

  2. I've been cheated by one seller. He sold me a KO version instead the original. The quality is... almost like trash, can't transform and all the pegs are loose. Damn! Upss... Sorry... :)

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