Thursday, December 29, 2011

Hot Toys 12" Captain America

Hot Toys 12" Captain America!

Have been waiting for this a long time...

Finally its here!

Dont usually buy 12" figures but Iron Man and Captain America captured my eye.

Captain America is very detailed, even to the material of the uniform matches that of the movie.

The box....

First layer of the interior with an introduction...

The figure!!

Uniform and facial expressions are superb!!

I was told that alot of the Captain Amerias were sold with the star crooked...didn't know about it until after i received it..luckily it's straight!!

Back view

Side view

I finally have it in my hands!!

The shield can be mounted on his back just like the movie!

I finally have the captain in my hands!!!

Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Purhases from Hong kong trip....23 December 2011...Victory Saber Giftset!

Was in Hong Kong for hoildays...met up with one of my collector buddies who's residing in Hong Kong right now....He got for me a gem, Victory Saber Giftset!

Then we went to In's Point at Yau ma Tei...its very near the exit A2 of Yau Ma tei Station, less than 5 mins walk. Basically the whole floor (i think its 2nd floor) are all shops selling toys.

Again with his help, i got a good discount for some 3rd party stuffs like Maketoys Bomber (powerglide) and Hover (seaspray), Hercules - Dr Crank, Heavy Labor & Structor.

I took out the boxes for the hercules-bots. The boxes were far too big for me to bring back, so they are considered loose...but 3rd party stuffs to me, boxes are not important and of no value.

The Henkei Minibots were acquired at a toy shop in Macau which i incidentally came across. Super pricing for the 2 sets of minibots!

Encore G1 Ironhide and Ratchet were also acquired in Macau at the same toy shop. Also at a good price.

Encore G1 Black Ironhide from Macau and Reissue G1 Inferno was bought at In's Point in Hong Kong...agn, my buddy helped me get a discount.

The Gem, one of the reasons why i chose Hong Kong as my holiday collect my Victory Saber Giftset which he helped me acquire months ago!

The box is perfect, almost in C-10 condition.

Complete paperworks.

Unused toys, bone white & almost perfect styrofoam except for a break at Victory Leo's Cannon.
Absolutely no chrome wear....

Victory Leo's missiles are still on sprue.

with the Victory Leo giftset, he has helped me got 2 pieces of my holy grail. (The first being the Goodbye Megatron). I can't thank him enough.

On top of that, he and his wife introduced me to a excellent hot pot restaurant where my family enjoyed the meal really much.

THANKS ALOT! you know who you are!

Transformers Legends 4-pack Starscream and Bumblebee

Bought this for my son to play order to divert his attention from my transformers toys.

Discovered this to be one of the worst molds ever!

The 2 bumblebees are ok, not bad...but the Starscreams....CRAP!

The cybertron starscream has loose ball joints that pops out whenever i try to transform it vice versa...even if i treat it with the tendermost hands, it still pops out...really crappy...the movie starscream...feels very plasticky (i created this word if there's no such word), feels very KO...arms are flimsy like hell, legs look distorted, the whole figure is thin like paper, i mean flat as in FLAT!!

I would never ever recommend anyone to buy this set unless its cheap like crap!!

But the Bumblebee, especially the universe one is good....

Transformers Prime Starscream

Transformers Prime Starscream

This is deluxe sized, by Hasbro.

Transformers Prime is a new animated TV series which i did not follow. But as a Starscream slut, i just have to buy this another one of his incarnations.

Build is rather flimsy and i've broken the plane tip. went back to Toys R Us for an exchange.

Bot mode is cool. but the wrist and shoulders arent really 360 degrees articulated.

Was too lazy to change it to the alternate plane mode so no pictures of the plane.

Missiles are made of rubber so customizers have to note when repainting this fella.

The tip of the plane which have to be rotated when transforming the toy is held to the body by a small plastic stud installed inside both plane tip and body.

and there is a spring stopper to hold the part in place whether in plane mode or bot mode. this adds more stress to the stud. ( I know this b'coz after i got the new exchange piece, i took out the screws and analysed what went wrong.)

If you twist the parts too hard while transforming, then likely the stud will break.

My recommendation is to loosen the screws abit then you attempt to transform.

Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Kre-O Transformers Optimus Prime, Bumblebee and Starscream

Went to TRU Vivocity to get myself a Transformers Prime Starscream.

Ended up getting the Kre-Os...the starscream of course is for myself and the 2 small boxes are for my boy, for his christmas present, if he knows what that means.

Kre-Os are similar to Legos but is manufactured by Hasbro. to say it simply, its transformers lego. Yet to open up the Starscream (coz i ran out of space and Starscream can be quite big size from the size of the box)

the bumblebee and Optimus prime are actually quite ok. the troublesome part is that if you want to transform it vice versa, you have to dismantle the whole form and form it into the mode you advice, don't ever lose that manual!

TF Prime Starscream will be covered separately.

I've transformed both just once and they are now in bot mode. Was lazy to form up the vehicle modes so only took the pictures of the bots.

Here's my 3 year old kid fixing the vehicle mode...

Optimus Prime is more posable (though i didnt show it here) and more sturdy in the vehicle mode. The proportion also dont seem equal.
The other thing i didnt like about Optimus prime is that I have to pull out the wheels from the plastic piece each time i want to form the other mode. I cant use the same plastic piece. and believe me, the wheels are pretty hard to pop off.

Bumblebee....less posable but more proportional.
But hell, the vehicle mode is fragile. you'll have the front and rear bumper falling off often if you play with it more than a couple of times. Sometimes i feel like gluing the parts together but that would mean its gonna be stuck in one form permanently.

Sunday, December 11, 2011

Transformers Animated Botcon 2011 Customization Class Minerva Prototype

Transformers Animated Botcon 2011 Customization Class Minerva Prototype

Botcon 2011 has suceeded in getting me forking out the money for TFA again!

I quit Animated stuffs for awhile but for some reason, The Botcon TFA stuffs have suceeeded again and again...first it was the Botcon Set: The Stunti-Con-Job...and now:

The Customization Class figure: Minerva.

The only difference is that the figure is acquired is the prototype. It never reached Botcon, therefore it does not have antennas, papers nor spec card. Only came with the unsealed Botcon polybag. The botcon piece came with antennas that was made by DJW. There are none from Hasbro as this mold was used for Arcee. For about 30+ pairs of antennas was just not worth it to make another mold, so they got someone else to do it.

For the prototypes, there are probably not more than 10 pieces in the world and I have one!

Definitely not a K.O...i have played with enough official toys and K.O to judge.

The best thing about this piece of prototype is that it is considered unused. This figure was meant for the customization class, which means that all taken out of the class would be painted.

My first Botcon Customization Class figure. And its definitely worth it, especially when the price I paid for it is super reasonable!

Transformers Vintage Picture book

Came across this book on Yahoo Japan, curious about it so got it quite cheap.

When i received it, i was thinking i made a mistake...the book is so small (the size is slightly smaller than half a A4 paper). But when i flipped the pages, cool...about 30 pages of full color artwork.

the rest of the 100 pages are black and white, something like Transformers Universe. There's all the G1 characters. No headmasters, No Victory nor Masterforce. Just early G1.

No regrets...

Here's some of the pages from the book....

Devastator vs Omeaga Supreme

The Decepticon Base, the Decepticon "Ark"..

Some transformation sequences...there are both Autobots and Decepticons, what i shown here is only for the Decepticons...

Rare characters from G1 including Autobot X, Alpha Trion, Elita-1 etc.

One of my childhood favourite: Epic Battle between Superion and Menasor

Some artwork of Defensor and Bruticus


The black and white artwork of Transformers, including some characteristics of each character...but everything's in Japanese...can't really read or understand...

Usually the main picture would be the artwork for the box but some are just G1 cartoon of the character. In this case here, Sunstreaker is not the Artwork for the box....

My favourite: Starscream


Books are good, especially a Transformers book...This is definitely a good buy!

I'm definitely on the hunt fot the various Transformers artbook!