Sunday, December 11, 2011

Transformers Animated Botcon 2011 Customization Class Minerva Prototype

Transformers Animated Botcon 2011 Customization Class Minerva Prototype

Botcon 2011 has suceeded in getting me forking out the money for TFA again!

I quit Animated stuffs for awhile but for some reason, The Botcon TFA stuffs have suceeeded again and again...first it was the Botcon Set: The Stunti-Con-Job...and now:

The Customization Class figure: Minerva.

The only difference is that the figure is acquired is the prototype. It never reached Botcon, therefore it does not have antennas, papers nor spec card. Only came with the unsealed Botcon polybag. The botcon piece came with antennas that was made by DJW. There are none from Hasbro as this mold was used for Arcee. For about 30+ pairs of antennas was just not worth it to make another mold, so they got someone else to do it.

For the prototypes, there are probably not more than 10 pieces in the world and I have one!

Definitely not a K.O...i have played with enough official toys and K.O to judge.

The best thing about this piece of prototype is that it is considered unused. This figure was meant for the customization class, which means that all taken out of the class would be painted.

My first Botcon Customization Class figure. And its definitely worth it, especially when the price I paid for it is super reasonable!


  1. I like it! Even unpainted, it's looks superb. Any plans for painting it?

  2. nope, i'll just leave it as it is...a prototype... :)