Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Transformers United Frenzy & Rumble

Transformers United Frenzy & Rumble.

2 of my favourite transformers from G1.

Given the universe articulation kind of treatment...

though i must say i'm abit disappointed with the thin lower body...

Bot mode and pile driver mode is cool except for the legs i mentioned earlier...very G1-like...

Alternate mode is a tank...hmmm...sorta disappointed coz G1 they're cassettes...but can't complain ...if they made FR into cassettes, then they have to come up with a radio Soundwave...

Pile driver mode is very G1-like except for the "square" pile driveers...if they are round then that would be the icing on the cake!!

Overall, i'm not complaining but i would choose Perfect Effect's Frenzy Rumble over this pair. PE's FR is more G1 cartoon-like and more simple in terms of outlook. of coz, the PE version does not transform into cassettes too...but PE version bot mode is just perfect...

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Transformers Vintage G1 C-309 Godbomber

Transformers Vintage G1 C-309 Godbomber
Got this fella together with Go Shooter.
Similarly, MIB without papers
But the box has flap crease and styro has a tear.
not really complaining about the condition since i got it cheap with Go shooter...
But i have to say i'm bit disappointed with the mold...
I haven un-MISB my God Ginrai therefore i have no experience with godbomber.
Box art's cool...
Not much of joints and lotsa of partforming, although all parts connect in both modes.

Transformers Vintage Junior Headmaster C-301 GoShooter

Transformers Vintage Junior Headmaster C-301 Go Shooter
Gotthis off Yahoo Japan.
MIB without papers.
Bit of yellowing on the left shoulder and the blue color part of the face.
Box has very minimal flap crease and styrofoam is good.

Transformers United Kup

Transformers United Kup
nothing much to say about this fella...mold is okay, but the face is damn ugly.
Gives 3rd party manufacturer a chance to make some remold of the head...which someone already started doing...

Transformers Generations Warpath

Transformers Generations Warpath
Probably the best deluxe figure so far alongside wreckgar!
Warpath's ranked with wreckgar as my favourite deluxe figure!!

No extra kibble for the bot mode..nice...and very "fierce"!!

The only problem if we want to be fussy will be the end of the missile sticking otu when it is inserted into the launcher...otherwise, its perfect!
Once again, somewhat disappointed with the QC...Warpath came out of the packaging with a stress mark at the knee and the most annoying thing is that the stres smark is at a spot where there is no movement whatsoever..

Transformers Generations Wheeljack

Transformers Generations Wheeljack.
This mold is some what using the same mold as Generations Tracks.
But the thing is, wheeljack seems abit short and fat bulky legs...
I tried to "extend" the legs trying to match what is shown in the instruction sheet....
But it seems that they also reused the instruction sheet from Tracks for Wheeljack.
The figure seemed very bone white, comparable to the United version? Let's see...

The main issue here is the QC of the toys...for my wheeljack, it seems that half the mouth plate/face was not painted. this i'll have to get back to Robotkingdom (Where i bought the figure from)...hopefully they can send me a replacement head for Wheeljack!

Transformers Generations Scourge

Transformers Generations Scourge
Not a bad mold...but the quality sucks.

The right arm falls off easily..the wings does not clip onto the back easily....i think it cant even clip on! (ala MP rodimus)

But i gotta admit though...it's very G1-ish...so i still like it despite all the complaints...am such a G1 slut...

Transformers Generations Thundercracker

Transformers Generations Thundercracker
Probably the most recolored mold ever...
Same as any other deluxe sized seeker mold, exept different color scheme....what's new?

Sunday, March 20, 2011

Perfect Effect Ejector PE-05 & Rewinder PE-06

3rd Party Transformers Maunfacturer Perfect Effect produced these little fella...
The company that produced the Shadow Warriors.
Now, Ejector and Rewinder.
Very nice mold...and the quality is even better now.
i guess PE has learnt from the debutant figure and improved on their molds etc.
No regrets though the price is rather pricey for such a small figure...

Thursday, March 17, 2011

Transformers United Wreckgar

One of the latest series of transformers, Transformers United by TakaraTomy
The Hasbro version will be "Reveal The Shield"
This has to be my favourite deluxe mold of all!
Very G1-like and super articulated!

will be posting about the transformers united figures and reveal the shield figures soon...that is unless i did not get any G1s in the meantime...LOL

Transformers Vintage G1 Crossformer D-310 Blue Bacchus

Transformers Vintage Crossformer Blue Bacchus.
Part of the victory series.
Another step towards completing my victory collection though still far way to go.
Managed to snag this off ebay at a reasonable price.
Complete with full papers, unused.
Box has abit of damage but will do for now...

Saturday, March 12, 2011

Transformers Vintage G1 Monsterbot DoubleCross

Got this loose complete piece off ebay...been looking for one and grotesque for some...
Sparks are still working...really like this figure.
thinking of how to give it the current universe articulation to him.....