Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Custom Classics Acidstorm Repaint

This is a repaint of classics Acid Storm.
Base coated with enamels, black wash and further detailed with enamel.
"Corroded" parts are painted with glow-in-the-dark acrylic paint.
Put the figure under light for awhile to charge up the paint and the fella will glow in darkness.
Final coated with matt clear coat spray.

Once again, this is inspired by FrenzyRumble's Masterpiece Acidstorm.

Custom Classics Mid-warp Skywarp

Seen the piece by FrenzyRumble, and thought that i'd do one up myself.
Got a piece of the clear seeker jet from the net, and proceeded for the repaint.
Base coated with Tamiya Enamel, then given a black wash with acrylics and further detailed with enamels.
Lastly coated with Tamiya flat coat spray.
Had lotsa fun painting this, and the idea of this is just great...kudos to FR.
 Quality of the figure itself was far from good...Loose joints and bad molding...
there were "dents"(plastic shrinkage) everywhere. the obvious places are the chest area and the knees. You can clear see the dents on the chest above the "wheels". 
 Still on the quality, the left arm actually broke at the elbow after a few manupilation during painting.
Had to get an extra arm from another seeker...fortunately, it's th epainted elbow, otherwise would have to waste a clear elbow.

Sunday, May 6, 2012

Kabaya Transformers Wave 6 Gaia Guardian

Transformers Kabaya Wave 6: Gaia Guardian.
Got this set together with wave 5...nice one too...kabayas are always nice anyway...
I would have thought that building these kabayas wouldn't take an effort...but to really cut out the parts and paste the stickers properly, i spent hours!
First up, Heatrock.....

Skyfeather....together with heatrock, they combine with the protectobots to form Gaia Guardian...

First Aid.




Wave 6 combined: Gaia Guardian.

And if you use HotSpot from wave 5 to combine, you get Defensor!!
Very very nice...i guess my wave 6 and Hotspot will be displayed in this mode for a long time...didn't have very good impression with Skyfeather and Heatrock in the first place.

and it is also possible to combine HotSpot with all of wave 6....adding Skyfeather as a weapon and Heatrock as a chest piece.