Thursday, May 3, 2012

Transformers Kabaya Wave 5: WFC Optimus Prime, Hot Spot, Deathsaurus

 Always have been a fan of Kabayas...
For this set, there's one of my favourite: Deathsaurus!
Though different from the vintage kabaya Deathy, this is still one of the best (if not the best) kabaya transformers model kits
Basically, the kabaya model kits are fun to assemble and play with. Though some of the molds are quite loose (factory default) after assembling.
I spent a couple of hours assembling these figures, inclusive of applying stickers, making sure that every single piece of plastic flash is off.

The breastforce red eagle came in Hot Spot's pack and can transform and fit into Deathsaurus' chest

The breastforce blue lion came in WFC Optimus Prime's pack.

                                               Alternate mode with brealindestforce animals...

                                                      War For Cybertron Optimus Prime

                                                               Protectobot Hot Spot.


  1. oh, very nice! I like that they included the Eagle chest too!

  2. HD, the eagle chest comes with HotSpot and not in Deathsaurus's box. The second lion chest with foldable wings comes with WFC Optimus prime...not a problem if you get all 3, but if you're getting just Deathy, then have to make do without the eagle...

  3. Deathsaurus looks much better than I thought. Can't wait for my pre-order to ship. Also eager to see how Hot Spot works with the other Kabaya set recently released.

  4. Check your Hot Spot's chest panel. Is the hinge showing major stress marks on yours? Mine looks like it's going to break any minute.

  5. @flywheels: hahaha, see my next post...

    @David: i've checked...there are no stress marks on the chest piece and i've moved(transformed) the chest piece countless times...did you accidentally "streesed" it while building it?