Thursday, May 3, 2012

Transformers MP-11 Masterpiece Coronation Starscream

 My favourite Transformer character of all times!! How can i miss this one?!!
Apparently, Hasbro/TakaraTomy made improvements from the first mold, getting rid of all the issues from MP-03 and...putting in the cape, crown, shoulder pads...damn!! somebody there in Hasbro must be a Starscream slut too!
He has a new head sculpt...a better looking one, a more G1-ish one... 
 No longer a partformer...his null rays are now attached to his arms!!
 yeah!!! no more hip kibble!!
 the irritating piece at the shoulders that drop every now and then is no more!! 
 Another look at the wonderful head sculpt...
 Feet upgraded...Starscream can now stand more stable...without the stand...
 and the supporting piece can be "hidden" when transforming into the alternate mode.
 The tail wings now slide up and down the lower legs to facilitate transformation.

 now comes the crown, shoulder and the cape...quality and fit definitely better then the 3rd party kits.

 Who disrupts my coronation?!!!

 The nice little pilot who will be "piloting" Starscream in fighter plane mode!
 Shoulder pads...King Shoulder pads!
 The crown...
 The cape...
 Cape extended...
 this is how the cape is mounted onto Starscream.
 Fighter plane mode...

 The underneath of the plane...the null rays attached to the arms can attach to the wings more partformer!! 

 the pilot seated in the cockpit...good for one only..

 The limited edition coin that comes with MP-11

                                                          The Masterpiece Biocard

                                                           Instruction Sheet/Booklet

Last look at the head sculpt with the crown...oh yes, and the chest missiles.


  1. Very nice, as a Starscream lover myself I am glad they finally did him justice. MP-03 and the subsequent repaints always annoyed me.

  2. @arkvander: yeah man, the earlier version was recolored one time too they are going to recolor this mold as Sunstorm...I wonder if ghost starscream is in the works? In any case, why does Sunstorm have a cape n crown?

    @EerieErik: it truly deserved the title of Masterpiece!

  3. "the irritating piece at the shoulders that drop every now and then is no more!!" - oh yeah! I friggin' hated that piece

  4. As much as I absolutely LOVE Masterpiece Starscream, being that he's my favorite of all time, the main thing that really bugs me is it's feet. i wish they made it like the original g1 toy/henkei version. i like the feet MUCH better on those annnnd love the tail fins on the ankles :) thanks for the review!

    1. Yeah man, love this mold to bits! I only wish that they put in die cast for Starscream...that would be the Ultimate showpiece for me...but that's me and diecast