Monday, December 1, 2014

Transformers Pre Rub Optimus Prime (Convoy) Finally!

Don't know if i should be ashamed to mention this…being a Transformers fan from the 80s, i've never owned a G1 Optimus Prime until 5 years go where i bought the 25th Anniversary G1 Optimus Prime…then i acquired the Grey and Red Bape Optimus Prime...these were the only G1 Convoys…i have never owned a vintage G1 Prime until now….

This piece, a used complete Pre Rub G1 Optimus Prime was acquired at the same time as the Decepticon Jets…In my view probably the best version of Optimus Prime for a G1 fan.
The box wasn't the best in condition, a fair bit of wear but good enough for me, good enough for a first time vintage prime owner like me….

Styrofoam is in good condition, almost pristine...

Here's the truck mode...

Robot mode…Best representation of the G1 artwork…bloated fists and weapons…Most important of all, the rifle matches the artwork, 1980s cartoon…later versions were released with a different, slimmer rifle. Diecast, rubber wheels and all…how could i missed this for all these years?!!

Yeah, bloated fists...

Another thing which stands out from other later versions…Roller comes in grey color which is similar to what shown on the instructions sheet…Also, a good representation…later Rollers come in blue color as shown on the first picture, the 25th Anniversary version...

Next thing about the trailer, the colored sides are actually metal plates, with the colors and designs printed on…Later versions come with stickers….This will not make a significant difference to most collectors whether the patterns are stickers or metal plates but to me, it is important as this shows that this version is the closest to the Diaclone Convoy, the first use of mold and design for Optimus Prime.
The metal plates serves a purpose for the little diaclone drivers where the magnets on their feet can keep the drivers stable by adhering to the metal plates...

IN all, i'm very happy with this version of Optimus Prime, not only being my first vintage prime but as the best version of Optimus Prime…Again, similar to my Decepticon Jets, this is also an opportunity acquisition…and i was not the one who found this opportunity, a friend led me to this and i can never thank him enough...

Friday, November 28, 2014

Posting after 4 months!!! Decepticon Jets, attack!

 Its been a really busy time of the year for me…haven't really been posting much….but that does not mean i've stopped collecting and acquiring.
Just to start…i've finally managed to complete my G1 Decepticon jets…again, thanks to a good friend collector who helped looking out for these….and i must say, the jets which i've acquired are in a very good condition…The Starscream is even better than the one i have now. Well, there can never be enough of starscream..
All 3 seekers are pre rub…really crisp.

I've never been too bothered about getting the rest of the seekers (probably due to the recolor of a same mold)…but if opportunity came along, why not? Seeing these pieces in such great condition only strengthens my theory of "strike the iron when it is hot" 

Next up, the Coneheads…never ever owned anyone of them but all 3 came at the same right time.
Couldn't bring myself to take them out of the packaging yet (these are MIB except for Ramjet) but looking at them brings back childhood memories of not being able to own them. Damn, 1984 Rise of the Autobot cars….and Decepticon Jets!

The last cone head, Ramjet, i have to make a special mention. This is MIB with the bubble still sealed on car. The great box condition only makes it more attractive to look at.
The same time, i loose piece of Ramjet was gifted to me… Thanks (you know who you are)
Looking at the Boxart and read news of an orange canopy Ramjet, i got a junker Thundercracker to replace the grey Ramjet canopy. The outcome: SUPER!!.
Ramjet is now my favorite deception jet, after Starscream of course!

 The orange canopy really stands out…in both modes. and i'm all for G1 accuracy.
Probably somewhere out there, there is an orange canopy Thrust...

The seller really kept these in good shape. looking at them…30 years and they are like fresh out of the factory. really kudos to him. Irregardless of the reasons to why he is selling, he can rest assured that these gems will be in good hands.

Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Headmaster Head: Lione comparison with knockoff Lione

And i recently managed to get my hands on the headmaster heads….
Afterwhich, i went to get myself a knockoff Lione…reason being i want to see for myself the differences between the KO and the real deal.
and here are the comparison pictures…
Original is the top piece…the view from the right shows not much of a difference…frightening similarities...

From this side, the KO piece showed through the inferior pins...

Front view does not show any significant differences...

Nor does the headmaster face view…but fortunately there are no takara stamping on the KO...

Head mode views are similar...

Closeup of the headmaster face…here you can see the original on the left has a Takara 87 stamping right below the chin whereas the KO does not…solely based on this, one can differentiate.

Some other differences, the KO has an additional flash point whereas the original does not.

I don't really know how many versions of KO are there, so i can't confirm if all the KO does not come with the takara stamping. but if some of them do, then it would be very difficult to tell them apart. Unlike other bigger sized KOs, these headmasters heads have very little differences, even the details, lines, edges are terrifying similar. Just by looking at a KO piece, it is very very difficult to tell.
My suggestion for all those who intend to get these headmasters heads is to get them from a reliable source, try not to get them loose (not foolproof as the KO can be put into a box as decoy) and do a lot of homework before getting them especially off ebay.

My experience, didn't do enough homework and was too lazy to check when getting a set of Vintage Insecticons…a couple of weeks later, after i have the time, i took out the toys and realized that the bubbles were all KO and the toys after checking…seemed KO too…fortunately the seller refunded me after i went through all the evidence with him…it's good luck on my part but i learnt a lesson as well..

Monday, July 14, 2014

C-303 Junior Headmaster Minerva/Minelba

My great collector friend has done it again! This time helping me with completing my Junior Headmasters, acquiring the uber-rare C-303 Minerva.
Though a bit of yellowing, this one is unused almost complete paperworks, just missing the bio card.

unused. a beauty.

Artwork as per all G1 artwork is immaculate...

the small artwork at the bottom left, at the back of the box.

Pictured here with the Gutto Kuru Minelba.

Why has Minelba suddenly become so rare and with a rocketing price?
i have really no idea. perhaps its difficult to find one which is bone white, complete paperworks. But isn't this the same with any other Vintage Japanese transformer toy?
Minelba has indirectly affect the stock price of her Hasbro cousin, Nightbeat. Everything directly and indirectly related to Minelba has increased gradually.


the Gutto Kuru Minelba is not a bad figure…anime accurate and has 3 faces to inter-change.

Robot face a the back of the headmaster.

Alternate mode.

Minelba Headmaster.

This is one of the pieces which i really covert.
Seen a really yellowed piece in Japan several years ago at a crazy price…and i have not even asked about the completeness and paperworks.
It is very very difficult to find one at this condition, at this price and 99% paperworks.
I must again, thank my pal for this and really really appreciate it… *fist bump*

Holy Grails part-achieved….

Finally achieved some of my holy grails in TF collecting…my good friend came over with some of the goodies seen over here…some were acquired over the last couple of weeks…but i must say i'm very happy to be able to get the elusive Minerva….
List of items:
1. Loose and complete Scorponok
2. Super minty Battle Gaia and Guard City Complete with full paperworks.
3. Japanese headmasters (5 pcs, missing Shuffler) Anybody has Shuffler and want to sell it off?
4. Junior Headmasters Minerva
5. Insecticons Shrapnel, Kickback and Bombshell
6. Astrotrain
7. Transformers Junior Chromedome and Rodimus
8. First Takara issue G1 Sunstorm
9. E-hobby G1 Orion Pax
10. iGear Raptor Squadron Star Burst (Not Starscream)
11. 49 Gutto Kuru Figure Collection Minelba
12. G1 Megatron

Will elaborate more on these later…first some picture teasers...