Monday, July 14, 2014

Holy Grails part-achieved….

Finally achieved some of my holy grails in TF collecting…my good friend came over with some of the goodies seen over here…some were acquired over the last couple of weeks…but i must say i'm very happy to be able to get the elusive Minerva….
List of items:
1. Loose and complete Scorponok
2. Super minty Battle Gaia and Guard City Complete with full paperworks.
3. Japanese headmasters (5 pcs, missing Shuffler) Anybody has Shuffler and want to sell it off?
4. Junior Headmasters Minerva
5. Insecticons Shrapnel, Kickback and Bombshell
6. Astrotrain
7. Transformers Junior Chromedome and Rodimus
8. First Takara issue G1 Sunstorm
9. E-hobby G1 Orion Pax
10. iGear Raptor Squadron Star Burst (Not Starscream)
11. 49 Gutto Kuru Figure Collection Minelba
12. G1 Megatron

Will elaborate more on these later…first some picture teasers...

1 comment:

  1. Wow, love it. The group shot is really lovely.
    I know I was there when you got that Sunstorm, one of the most sought after TFs in 2003 / 2004... went for as much as US$275 if MISB.
    Very good going for the USA box MIB Astrotrain with bubble as well - vintage triple changer bubbles are weird fishes... very difficult to find a nice intact one.

    ~ heroic_decepticon