Monday, July 14, 2014

E-hobby G1 Reissue Anime Accurate Bluestreak

E-hobby Bluestreak…Bluestreak fans must get this as this version is the anime accurate.
The rest of the versions are considered Silverstreak. If you want a bigger challenge and have cash to spare, you may want to search for the diaclone black hood blue streak. But its really rare to find one in nice condition…i had to settle for the lesser brother…this e-hobby version.

This reissue came 18 years later in 2002…The mold deterioration can be clearly seen on the face. No longer does the face have distinct and clear lines.


This Nissan Fairlady mold never fails to impress…even though it is a reissue.
When ever i hold it in my hands, the weight and feel is just nice…coupled with the rubber wheels…perfect!

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