Monday, July 14, 2014

C-303 Junior Headmaster Minerva/Minelba

My great collector friend has done it again! This time helping me with completing my Junior Headmasters, acquiring the uber-rare C-303 Minerva.
Though a bit of yellowing, this one is unused almost complete paperworks, just missing the bio card.

unused. a beauty.

Artwork as per all G1 artwork is immaculate...

the small artwork at the bottom left, at the back of the box.

Pictured here with the Gutto Kuru Minelba.

Why has Minelba suddenly become so rare and with a rocketing price?
i have really no idea. perhaps its difficult to find one which is bone white, complete paperworks. But isn't this the same with any other Vintage Japanese transformer toy?
Minelba has indirectly affect the stock price of her Hasbro cousin, Nightbeat. Everything directly and indirectly related to Minelba has increased gradually.


the Gutto Kuru Minelba is not a bad figure…anime accurate and has 3 faces to inter-change.

Robot face a the back of the headmaster.

Alternate mode.

Minelba Headmaster.

This is one of the pieces which i really covert.
Seen a really yellowed piece in Japan several years ago at a crazy price…and i have not even asked about the completeness and paperworks.
It is very very difficult to find one at this condition, at this price and 99% paperworks.
I must again, thank my pal for this and really really appreciate it… *fist bump*

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  1. This is an excellent piece and looks darn good in your photos. I like the comparison with the large format human Minerva figure too!

    Congrats on getting this ultra rare piece which is really really difficult to find MIB, not to mention with unused stickers.

    ~ heroic_decepticon