Monday, July 14, 2014

iGear Con Air Raptor Squadron IG-C01 Star Burst (Not Starscream)

Can't miss this out. the moment i realized that this is being sold individually, i grabbed it. All along i had the impression that this was sold in a set along with Not Thundercracker and Not Skywarp.

First feel with the toy is quite good. Very sturdy and tight. No loose joints. Plastic quality is good as well. The instructions for transformation, generally is same with all other 3rd party products…not very clear…
The transformation and the bot in my view is average or below par. Though the bot feels okay holding it and as mentioned earlier, the plastic is not bad…but the null-rays (shoulder cannons) are somewhat too low, making then bot look strange with a pair of cannons hanging somewhere on the bicep.
The wings have to be removed during transformation and installed back into pegs after transformation is done. something like the G1 toy.
In bot mode, the wings and shoulders can never be in parallel, meaning that if the shoulders are straight facing, the wings have to be tilted backwards…if the wings is straight, the shoulders have to be tilted forward…not very well thought of, shoulders and wings blocking each other.
Fists are not articulated…they are like the current line of Deluxe toys with fixed hands to hold only specific weapons.

Here's the box art...

on the side..

Back of the box.

For some reason, i was given 2 sets of paperworks….probably mis-packed.

First look at the jet mode.

Second layer of plastic tray holds the base, null-rays, missiles and an alternate head with a cunning face.

Under belly of the plane mode.

Bot mode...

The fierce looking starscream...

The back view...

Null-rays are fixed onto the biceps…it seems that the null rays are too low…they do not stretch out the shoulders which will represent G1 better.

 A"Heel" is there to achieve better stability while standing.

Comparion with Masterpiece Starscream MP-11…abit shorter…but way less awesome.

To put on display its an ok piece but playability not quite there…if Masterpiece Starscream MP-03 can be improved to MP-11 with several improvements made…i believe the 3rd party Starscream could have been done better…iGear should have put in more effort for the transformation...

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