Monday, July 14, 2014

30th Anniversary Voltron: Defender Of The Universe

Before i was into transformers, voltron was actually the first combiner which i fell in love with.
wasn't able to afford one at the point of time, i remember going over to my neighbor's place to play with his piece of Voltron…how envy i was and til now i couldn't forget that feeling….
Since then there were many versions of Voltron that was released but i just couldn't bring myself to get either…
Then came this 30th anniversary version which came with lights and sound…and the playability is still there! the lions can still combine!
i pre-ordered this and eagerly await its arrival…

No regrets, as you can see from the box itself, the front….

the sides of the box

Box cover removed….

First layer…styrofoam!!!

First layer holds the lions, shield and sword…Second layer holds the add-ons, the individual weapons and the base…base is the one that has sounds, not the figure itself...

The lions...

Then…the Defender of The Universe…Voltron!
here you can see the light up eyes…really a bonus for me...

Close up..


Not disappointed with this version at all…if i want to be fussy, it has to be the sound…the advertising for this version is "Comes with lights and Sound" light, yes, its from the main bot. But sounds? from the base…i thought it was from the bot as well…but it was not to be..

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