Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Transformers Vintage C-312 Sixknight

Transformers Vintage C-312 Sixknight
One of my takara favourites, Sixknight. A recolor of Quickswitch.
Item is without papers. Toy is in good condition. Box is abit worn down but i'm not complaining.
Another target down!

Monday, July 5, 2010

Transformers Vintage C-314/C-315/C-317 Spark Dash & MachTackle (Landcross)

Actually saw these when i was in Japan (Akihabara) Mandarake Complex.
Wanted to buy but was following a Landcross Giftset auction on Ebay...So didn't get this piece then...
After i cam back and lost the auction, i managed to get my friend to grab this for me!
Nice toy to play with and fairly reasonable price too!
Ther sparkdash bots were a surprise find...my friend was telling me all the numbers of the vintages...C-314, C-315, C-320.......then i said..."wait...let me find out"
Ended up getting this 2 fellas...too bad the third spark bot wasn't around....
The box condition was very good and so were the toys. Definitely a good buy!

Sunday, July 4, 2010

Generations, Masterpiece Ghost and Alternity Starscream.

Some of my hauls locally...got a friend to get all these at the best price available. (hopefully!)
Introducing first: Masterpiece Ghost Starscream!
This has to be my favourite piece!
Got 2 pieces of the villianous bugger!
A cool figure and it's not as fragile or breakable as it looks..in fact i find it more sturdy than the first MP starscream...

War For Cyberton Optimus Prime
Very good mold with a challenging transformation.
Cool figure too but really needs a good paint job.
Generations Thrust.
Same mold as Henkei/Universe Ramjet. (actually i never played with a conehead before as mine are all still MOSC)
But being very similar to a starscream mold, i could transform it easily...
No complains on this fella though...

Generations Drift
Don't know about this guy much.
The transformation is okay and the car mode is cool...bot mode is abit somewhat different form the usual prowls, swipes and streakers...
The sword plus pair of daggers....C-O-O-L!
Alternity Starscream
Though i'm a Starscream fan/slut, this has to be the worst of all so far.
I tried transforming it once, after i got it out of the box/tray.
And hell, i would probably never ever transform it again...joints are loose, the doors drop easily..and the four spider eyes...man, are there any non-blind QC at hasbro?
i had to color the top 2 eyes black to make it look so much more easy on my eyes...
a flimsy figure...the only factor that would salvage this fella is the design...otherwise, nuts!