Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Toyworld TW-01 Hegemon (Not Megatron)

i like this 3rd party piece! The best interpretation of G1 Megatron!
Everything is representative! really very nice from the appearance to the alternate mode, the transformation, everything is just about perfect...that is if you get the right piece.
For me, i probably got a QC defect or one that escaped QC.

First the feet are super loose, can't stand straight.

Pistol hand grip cannot fully engage.

 This shows the inability of the hand grip "flaps" unable to click.
 I have a slanted gun...
 Abrasions spotted in a few areas...not me ok? when i took out the toy, it was already like that.

 cracked hip female ball joints.

I still like the Hegemon very much despite so many issues. I believe the defects are not common.
Therefore, not asking for a refund or cash asking for a replacement coz i want a proper Megatron to see eye to eye with the Henkei Convoy!!

Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Transformers Commemorative Reissue G1 Ultra Magnus differences

Was never a fan of Ultra Magnus, therefore did not bother to get the vintage
When Hasbro, decided to reissue this fella, why not?
It's quite a nice toy, with a white Optimus Prime cab and of coz after the "suit up", Ultra Magnus.
But there are some differences or you can say "Improvements"?
The missiles are way longer than they should be. In fact all 4 missiles provided in the pack are long.

 Missiles are different from the pictures on the box. Different from the vintage version.

The smoke stacks are shorter than usual. This makes overall vehicle mode look unnatural. From the box pictures, they should be long smoke stacks.
The shortened smoke stacks should be "improvements" after receiving feedback the they break easily.
I have another piece at hand that belongs to my friend. and the white prime also has shortened stacks, so i don't think it's possible that my piece is the QC reject and a piece that escaped QC.

Then again, my comparisons are all from the reissue toy and pictures as i do not have the vintage piece. There may still be other differences but immediately, these are those that caught my eye...

Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Mastermind Creations (MMC) KM-05 Screecher (Hearts Of Steel Starscream)

Mastermind Creation (MMC) KM-05 Screecher (Hearts Of Steel Starscream)
Probably the best 3rd party creation of Starscream in terms of quality.
Had to get this just because he is Stasrscream. Do i need another reason to get this?
I must say, the quality is really good on this one.
There are places which seem flimsy, but its not. It's really tight and fitting.
Of coz, one has to take care of the small joints where you clip and remove parts from.

Box art is normal...definitely not as good as TakaraTomy...Come'on, who can be beat original toymaker's art? The box and packaging really works out for screecher...the internal box is not just a card outline but an actual box. Don't know if anyone understands, didn't take a picture of the internal box, but just think of another brown cardboard box inside the artwork box.

The following pictures you can see that there are lots details!
The paint job is one of the best, probably even better than TakaraTomy...comparing to the recent series of FOC (Fall Of Cybertron) toys, etc. Even small little details are painted.

A rough comparison of the size with United Ultra Magnus. I would safely say voyager sized.

 More highlights on the molding, details and the paint job.

The alternate mode. A train kinda of jet kinda bat?!!!

There is even a warning leaflet to inform collectors of the hazards of the toy (lots sharp edges!), parts that can be broken if we are not careful and areas on the toy that have gears (yes! the gears work!), that may be damaged should we force it in the wrong method.

The comic cum instruction booklet.

The 2 hip pieces can be removed. (Take care on the removal!) and combined to form a double bladed sword. Darth Maul! yeah!

and if you explore further, the wings and hip pieces can be combined into a big blade shield that will freakin shred autobots and Megatron into pieces!

My personal verdict: lotsa playability. very crisp molding. Detailed and excellent paint job. This piece will gives TT a run for their money. I highly recommend collectors to get this piece, not because its Starscream, but for the value that it brings. No doubt the price is probably double of a normal voyager, you'll have to see it, feel it and play it to see the point. It's really really very nice. If i really want to pick out something bad about this, it'll have to be the artwork. That's about all that i can complain.

Sunday, November 11, 2012

Transformers Reissue Commemorative G1 Red Alert

Transformers Reissue Commemorative G1 Red Alert
With this, my autobot cars collection is left with Wheeljack.
Red Alert is using the mold from Sideswipe.
Debut in 1985 just a year later than Sideswipe, the Masterpiece version will also debut months after MP-12 Lambor is released.

Red Alert is paranoid, which is not a bad trait in a Security Director if it's kept in check by reason, logic, and common sense. Red Alert is...not always so good with those other traits. The other Autobots appreciate his good intentions and eye for detail, but his ratio of false alarms to real emergencies is not always the greatest, and it makes them less likely to take him seriously when a threat is real. Inferno does his best to keep his good buddy Red out of trouble.