Sunday, November 11, 2012

Transformers G1 Grapple

Transformers Vintage G1 Grapple
Found this piece on ebay at a reasonable price.
Loose and complete...don't usually go for MIB and never MISB for the G1 Autobot cars as i like to play with the figures and display them.
Grapple here has a few stickers wear, some parts are actually peeling off, abit of chrome wear but its understandable for a toy of this long it's complete...i have no complaints.

Grapple is using the same mold as G1 Inferno, just a small change from the fire ladder to the crane.
Everything else is similar including transformation.

Spring fired fists/missiles are working fine...

Brother of inferno...Even the head sculpt is the same..

Grapple is technically an architect, but in his spark he is an artist. On Cybertron, before the war, his buildings were considered great works of art, but now his constructions are limited by the realities and needs of the war effort. It is a situation he often finds stifling. Grapple takes great pride in any work he constructs, and is prone to severe bouts of depression should his "masterworks" be destroyed in the course of combat. Grapple can usually be found hanging out with his close friend Hoist who does his best to cheer Grapple up when his artistic temperament has him down.

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