Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Transformers Masterpiece MP-12 Lambor (Sideswipe)

Transformers Masterpiece MP-12 Lambor a.k.a Sideswipe
The latest offering from the masterpiece series.
Got mixed feeling regarding this one....There's a lot of potential in this figure that could bring the masterpiece series back to the pinnacle of transformers toys.
The technical transformation of this figure lives up to the masterpiece tag...but its too plasticky...no die cast at all...personally, i think die cast would add a lot of plus points...
no doubt, die cast would add costs to the overall figure but i think its justifiable as a masterpiece member.
But i guess nowadays in these recent times, costs and sales volumes outweigh any other factors.
The cheaper it is, the more sales it will get, the better if the mold can be recolored, which is what this mold will be doing....MP-14 Red Alert.... Then probably, sunstreaker, Punch/Counterpunch etc...

Size wise, just a bit taller than the CHUG version...but suit for the recent masterpiece sizing of MP-10 Convoy, MP-11 Starscream.
Definitely a better and more closer version to the G1 piece.

The head sculpt is also very G1-like!

Another minus point: Fixed fingers, just an open palm...not even a free index finger..

The standard piledrivers that come with the toy.

The limited exclusive piledrivers that came with the amazon version.
Don't really know if its that limited...

G1 Sideswipe!!!

Another pity: No rubber wheels!!! How can they missed that out? But then again, there are feedback that rubber wheels would crack over time etc....but to me, rubber wheels are a must for masterpieces!! Most G1 collectors would love to have rubber wheels! With plastic wheels, none of the new toys roll as well as G1s!! 
One can argue that with rubber wheels, MP-09 Rodimus could roll half as well....but believe me, this Sideswipe mold would knockout everything else with rubber wheels...nothing's perfect man, they had to leave some room for improvement...

Somewhat reminds me of Red Diaclone Sunstreaker

The exclusive coin that come with each MP-12...just another gimmick to suck our moolah...
Wonder who came up with such idea...now every "exclusive" piece will come with an exclusive coin...

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  1. Wow... that comparison picture with CHUG sideswipe just pushed me into waiting till hasbro release him here in the states instead of paying the extra money for the takara verison.