Monday, November 5, 2012

PerfectEffect PE-DX01 Motorbot RC (Not Arcee)

 PerfectEffect PE-DX01 Motorbot RC
A nice interpretation of G1 Arcee.
PerfectEffect's products have so far been very satisfactory.
Molding is crisp and sharp. Joints are tight and clips on fine.
Lots of accessories and somewhat a partsformer in the alternate motorcycle mode.

But as you can see from the picture, the knee-cap is broken. Yes, i accidentally (or you can say intentionally) twisted the plastic stub off. See next photo.

The whole lower leg has to be fully bent in place before the knee cap can be twisted upright and vice versa during the transformation...i failed to notice this point and i got so fed up trying to turn the knee cap that i used a pair of pliers to twist it...a broken non-repairable plastic stub is what i got in return...
PE's stuff is generally if it doesn't work, look closely into the instructions or even go to youtube for some guidance...don't end up like me..

Alternate motorcycle mode. The white stand at the bottom stands the bike really well...

Box Art...

Back of the box...

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