Monday, April 16, 2012

Transformers Exclusive G1 Bathing Ape (BAPE) Convoy

Update: Here's my video of the BAPE Convoy Grey Camo! Click Here

Transformers Exclusive Bathing Ape (BAPE) G1 Optimus Prime (Convoy)missed out on the first BAPE convoy months ago...that was the green version.

When i heard that a second grey version is going to be released, i told myself to make an effort to get this piece.

Days go, i was at Mandarin Gallery, so dropped by BAPE store to enquire...16 April 2012 11:00hrs is the date and time of many pieces is unknown....

Come 16 April 2012, woke up at 05:45hrs and made my way with a friend to go down to Orchard to queue for it. Was there at about 06:15hrs. There was about 16 people already in the Q...The first 2 is a couple which i believe to have started queuing the night before....after acquiring the BAPE convoy, they listed the item on a cutthroat price!! this piece is only at S$139.90...don't sucuumb to scalpers!! they had the first 2 pieces then re-queued fopr more!

Back to the toy itself, this is a very nice piece...for collectors in other parts of the world which has not seen this release, i recommend getting this when it debut in your country. turn out that Singapore BAPE store managed to bring in 80 pieces instead of 8 (like the first green version)....

Grey Artwork

Bathing Ape logo on the fact there are a few apes on the box...

Bio card with stickers and instructions

Finally, out of the plastic prison!

Trailer close up

Ape on the trailer

The "smoked" grills, wheel rims and smoke stacks are nice to see...well executed...

Interior of the trailer

Pictures of monkeys inside the trailer walls...

Bot mode!

The ape logo on the shoulder...

Back view of the trailer

Top view of the trailer

Trailer activated!

Some loose stuffs like fists etc...

The superb grey version of the Optimus Prime Cab

Yes, its Hasbro....not takara?!!