Friday, December 18, 2009

Transformer Vintage Pretender Monstructor

Transformers Vintage Monstructor
All loose pieces, in good condition. Missing 3 shells and 4 weapons.
Have been aiming this for a long time...
Finally got it off ebay. The rest of the shells should be easily available on ebay.
Having to see it for the first time, was slightly disappointed as i thought that the size would be equivalent to G1 combiners like Devastator, superion etc, but not!

Monstructor is formed by combining all six individually-carded Pretender Monsters. Much like the earlier transformer teams, he requires the attachment of separate accessories - his head, waist, fists and feet - to complete his robot mode. However, unlike earlier combiners, the separate pieces can all be stored on the individual team members; they fit on the backplates of the pretender shells. As his individual components are not much larger than a Micromaster, Monstructor is the smallest fo the G1 combiners, standing about the same height as regular toys like Hot Rod...yes, even shorter than the Micromaster Six-team's combined form.
Monstructor was the final G1 combiner released by Hasbro,and the only one to not be released in a giftset in any market.
This set of mold was also used to make Dinoking, the Dinoforce's combined form.

Beneath the gibbous moons of Cybertron, in the great dark spaces of the sunless void, far beyond the realms of man's childish reachings, does the great dread Monstructor have his origin. A being that seems instinct with some fearful and unnatural malignancy, his form like a robot and a deep great shadow at once, his very presence is said to drain light and life from the world around him, feeding his ancient hunger. A palable cloak of dread follows his movements, and the very sight of his summoning and formation has driven sane beings beyond the bound of madness. All living things, mechanical or organic, decay and die at his merest touch.
Monstructor is the channel for an evil beyond the darkest Decepticon imagination, and far beyond the puerile concerns of the insignificant beings who make up his composite form. He longs for the day, foretold in darkness, when he shall be split asunder no longer, and will rise one final time, free to travel the stars, from world to world, extingusihing all life sparks, ravening for delight.
Monstructor's body is the combined form of six Pretender Monsters: Ice pick, Birdbrain, Bristleback, Scowl, Slog, Wildfly.

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Custom repaint ROTF Soundwave

Transformers ROTF Soundwave
A friend asked me to custom repaint this fella as the orginal paint job was really disappointing...yucky as a matter of fact!
So i took this up in between my WIP of Devastator, and delivered this to him!!
Liked the complete figure very much such that i feel like getting one and repaint for myself!!
This is how the original paint job should be!!

Robot mode

Satellite mode
Spaceship mode


Monday, December 14, 2009

CharaChara Henkei Exclusive Wildrider

Transformers CharaChara Exclusive Henkei Wildrider
Launched in 2008, this is a recolor of Rodimus' mold. The color scheme was based off the G1 Stunticon Wildrider toy.
Item is MOSC.
I didn't get this piece until early 2009...regretted not getting it early but no regrets getting it at all...this fella's pretty rare right now and i'm glad i own one..still hesitating whether to open

Henkei Exclusive Ghost Starscream

My favourite character, Starscream gets the henkei exclusive treatment!!
GHOST OF STARSCREAM...always a favourite...GSS already got the e-hobby treatment when it launched the G1 form in 2001 (Here: )but this has to be the best!! Unless takara decides to issue a Ghost Starscream Masterpiece..THAT'LL BE HELL!!!
This is an exclusive henkei figure pre-ordered with Transformers Vol. 2 magazine same as Electro Liger with Vol. 1.
Took at least 6 months of waiting before it arrived at our shores...
Really like this figure very much and gonna open one up soon!!

Sunday, December 13, 2009

Transformers D.I.A Powered Commander

Transformers D.I.A Powered Commander
To be combined with Henkei Convoy or Universe Optimus Prime.
MIB. Only opened up for photo taking.
Stickers unappiled. Definitely a C-10.

Also don't know why i bought this...on impulse...have no intention of displaying this with my henkei convoy...

Thursday, December 10, 2009

Transformers Vintage G1 Grandus

Grandus is an Autobot from the Return of Convoy portion of the Gernartion 1 continuity family.
Grandus ia a colossal Autobot who serves as a base for the numerous autobot Micromasters. He can combine with Star Convoy and Sky Garry to from the triple combination Battlestar Attack.

His Micromaster partner is Spinner.
To counter the threat of Dark Nova, the autobots formed an elite sub-group known as the Battlestars, headlined by Sky Garry and Grandus. Their mission was to revive Optimus Prime so that he might thwart Dark Nova.

Aware of the mission of the Battlestars, Dark Nova stole Optimus Prime's body and cloned it as the evil false convoy. Grandus and Spinner proved instrumental in defeating False convoy before he could kill sixliner.

After False Convoy's defeat, Grandus and the Battelstars rescued the fallen supreme commander's corpse from the Great Novaroid forces on planet Lucifer. Using hte power of the Zodiac, they brought Optimus Prime back to life and upgraded him to Star Convoy.

Later, Grandus was stuck cleaning up the remaining Novaroid and Galaman soldiers on planet Lucifer while Star Convoy and Sixliner faced Super Megatron alone on Earth.

Grandus eventually joined the other Battlestars in a space battle against Super Megatron and his great Galaman warriors. Combining into the triple Combination Battlestar Attack, they shot Super Megatron into pieces.

Dark Nova then revealed himself and upgraded Super Megatron into Ultra Megatron.

Then afte that, the Decepticon Emperor merged with Ultra Megatronto become the Star Giant.

Grandus and the other battlestars travelled into Star Giant's stomach and took the behemoth apart from the inside-out, narrowly escaping just as their foe exploded and died.

Transformers Vintage G1 Metrotitan

Transformers Vintage G1 Metrotitan
Got this guy together with the Rocket Base from Japan...Really fruitful...
MIB Complete..Stickers applied...No Yellowing.
Box in an okay C-8 condition.
Metrotitan is one of the rarer vintages around...i was deliberating for a long time whether to buy it or not...i'm glad i did!! :)

Metrotitan is a Decepticon City-bot from the Zone portion of Generation 1 continuity family.
Constructed on Saturn's moon Titan, Metrotitan is a massive Decepticon warrior, commanded by the villainous Violen Jiger to destroy the Autobots. He was taught the ways of evil by the Nine Great Demon Generals.
He leads the Metrosquad and has also been known to house the Race Track Patrol.
His first mission upon activation was to attack the Autobot Lunar Zone Base on Earth's moon commanded by Rabbicrater.
He proved to be very impressive in battle and even killed the veteran Autobot Galaxy Shuttle in his attack on the Lunar Zone Base. Metrotitan might even have been able to best Dai Atlas if Sonic Bomber hadn't kept the Metrosquad busy.
Metrotitan then unleashed his freeze beam gun and used it to reduce the moon to an icy tomb. His freeze beam was even powerful enough to stop Sky Powered in its tracks. However, the Decepticon warrior was unprepared for the arrival of a third Powered Master named Road Fire. His freeze beam was easily countered by Road Fire's "Fire Kick" and Metrotitan was soundly defeated.

Transformers Vintage G1 Rocket Base Countdown

Transformers Rocket Base/Countdown
Got this fella in Japan Akihabara area...Complete MIB with all 5 micromasters...Stickers unapplied and no yellowing at all!! But the box condition is quite worn down...but heck, getting ready for my coming Galaxy Shuttle!! Hahaha

The rocket base is an Autobot Micromaster base from the Generation 1 continuity family.

Interstellar hero Countdown commands the enormously powerful rocket base in his quest to free the galaxy from Decepticon tyranny. The base converts from a mobile launching pad and rocket into a full command center to aid Countdown in his ever-moving fight for freedom. The rocket is an enormous ship, and can transport the rest fo the command center via an unspecified form of compression. The base's equipment includes laser blasters, a repair bay and an interstellar communications and tracking center.

When planet Micro was rebuilt by the Powered Masters to protect the newly-developed Energon-Z, Moon radar's rocket base formed the core fo the Zone Base, a sprawling installation formed of numerous interlocking stations manned by Micromasters which served to defend the planet. The rocket base served as a launch station for both the trustworthy Autobot Galaxy Shuttle and the "Galaxy Rocket", a spacecraft which could transform into a small base itself, which both transported Micromaster teams to planets all across the galaxy in order to protect them from the Decepticons attempting to making a "Zone" of their own.

After defeating Decepticon attacks on various other planets, the Autobots on Zone itself soon came under attack by Overlord, Bruticus, Menasor and Abominus who sought the Energon-Z for their master, Violen Jiger. The villians successfully purlouned the energy source but the Micromasters did not give up, transforming the rocket base and launching the galaxy rocket in pursuit if the Decepticons. Unfortunately, the tiny heroes were stopped in their tracks by Black Zarak. But soon, Dai Atlas and Sonic Bomber arrived to put the Decepticons in their place.

The Zone base later came under Decepticon attack once more, this time at the hands of the monstrous Metrotitan and was badly damaged in his assault. Galaxy Shuttle was stationed at the rocket base at the time and was destroyed by the towering terror. The extent of the damage suffered by the rocket base, if it survived at all, is unclear.

Monday, December 7, 2009

Kabaya Transformers Star Saber and Deathsaurus

Transformable Transformer Star Saber Kabaya kit
Comes with stickers too...
found these difficult to resist and end up buying both star saber and deathsaurus, arch enemy in the transformers victory series.
Too bad there is no Victory leo to combine with star saber....*sigh*

Deathsaurus Kabaya kit. also comes with stickers.
On to of these 2, there are also some headmasters, metroplex, tripticon etc...will slowly acquire them all!!! hahaha