Thursday, December 10, 2009

Transformers Vintage G1 Metrotitan

Transformers Vintage G1 Metrotitan
Got this guy together with the Rocket Base from Japan...Really fruitful...
MIB Complete..Stickers applied...No Yellowing.
Box in an okay C-8 condition.
Metrotitan is one of the rarer vintages around...i was deliberating for a long time whether to buy it or not...i'm glad i did!! :)

Metrotitan is a Decepticon City-bot from the Zone portion of Generation 1 continuity family.
Constructed on Saturn's moon Titan, Metrotitan is a massive Decepticon warrior, commanded by the villainous Violen Jiger to destroy the Autobots. He was taught the ways of evil by the Nine Great Demon Generals.
He leads the Metrosquad and has also been known to house the Race Track Patrol.
His first mission upon activation was to attack the Autobot Lunar Zone Base on Earth's moon commanded by Rabbicrater.
He proved to be very impressive in battle and even killed the veteran Autobot Galaxy Shuttle in his attack on the Lunar Zone Base. Metrotitan might even have been able to best Dai Atlas if Sonic Bomber hadn't kept the Metrosquad busy.
Metrotitan then unleashed his freeze beam gun and used it to reduce the moon to an icy tomb. His freeze beam was even powerful enough to stop Sky Powered in its tracks. However, the Decepticon warrior was unprepared for the arrival of a third Powered Master named Road Fire. His freeze beam was easily countered by Road Fire's "Fire Kick" and Metrotitan was soundly defeated.

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