Friday, December 31, 2010

Transformers 2010 Reissue Predaking

I missed out the first re-issue several years ago and i deeply regretted that.
2010...TakaraTomy decided to re-issue this monster again...though the box artwork is different, i'm not going to miss it AGAIN!!
So here it is...Predaking and the Predacons...with the diecast, its all worth every penny...
Stickers not applied yet....full of play worth!
sorry about the ugly background though...


Razorclaw: Bot mode

Razorclaw: Alternate mode
Tantrum: Bot mode
Tantrum: Alternate mode
Headstrong: Bot mode
Headstrong: Alternate mode
Rampage: Bot mode
Rampage: Alternate mode
Divebomb: Bot mode
Divebomb: Alternate mode