Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Custom Autobot Clones: Fastlane & Cloudraker

Custom Autobot Clones: Fastlane and Cloudraker

Got these 2 loose without weapons at a local toy store

Spent a really long time finding the weapons

Proceeded to articulate the arms, and lower body

Based coated with enamels and House of Kolors Lacquer paint....

Did a wash on the twins with acrylics and detailed with enamels

Both of them pending their clear coats




  1. Nicely done! I really wish all the G1 figures could get this treatment, it would make so many of them better figures.

  2. GREAT work! I actually just bought this pair and after seeing your version I'm now not as excited to getting the "plain" ones!

  3. @Colbey: Thanks! the original G1 pair is still good for fun! enjoy!

    @arkvander: Thanks! yes, i'm always hoping that they get articulated without losing the G1-likeness...