Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Transformers Commemorative Reissue G1 Ultra Magnus differences

Was never a fan of Ultra Magnus, therefore did not bother to get the vintage
When Hasbro, decided to reissue this fella, why not?
It's quite a nice toy, with a white Optimus Prime cab and of coz after the "suit up", Ultra Magnus.
But there are some differences or you can say "Improvements"?
The missiles are way longer than they should be. In fact all 4 missiles provided in the pack are long.

 Missiles are different from the pictures on the box. Different from the vintage version.

The smoke stacks are shorter than usual. This makes overall vehicle mode look unnatural. From the box pictures, they should be long smoke stacks.
The shortened smoke stacks should be "improvements" after receiving feedback the they break easily.
I have another piece at hand that belongs to my friend. and the white prime also has shortened stacks, so i don't think it's possible that my piece is the QC reject and a piece that escaped QC.

Then again, my comparisons are all from the reissue toy and pictures as i do not have the vintage piece. There may still be other differences but immediately, these are those that caught my eye...

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