Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Toyworld TW-01 Hegemon (Not Megatron)

i like this 3rd party piece! The best interpretation of G1 Megatron!
Everything is representative! really very nice from the appearance to the alternate mode, the transformation, everything is just about perfect...that is if you get the right piece.
For me, i probably got a QC defect or one that escaped QC.

First the feet are super loose, can't stand straight.

Pistol hand grip cannot fully engage.

 This shows the inability of the hand grip "flaps" unable to click.
 I have a slanted gun...
 Abrasions spotted in a few areas...not me ok? when i took out the toy, it was already like that.

 cracked hip female ball joints.

I still like the Hegemon very much despite so many issues. I believe the defects are not common.
Therefore, not asking for a refund or cash asking for a replacement coz i want a proper Megatron to see eye to eye with the Henkei Convoy!!

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