Saturday, June 27, 2015

Transformers Hard Hero Cold Cast Porcelain Busts

These are the Hard Hero Cold Cast Busts.
Yes, i'm being poisoned again…They look really cool, true representation of the G1 anime.
Saw these at a friend's place, fell in love with the statues…but due to space constraints, i went for only Starscream at first. But after getting the starscream, i had to get the rest…right now i have 5 but not stopping…i WILL get the rest, Optimus Prime, Megatron, Jazz, Wheeljack, Cyclonus etc.
The prices varies a lot and can come really cheap but the shipping can be crazy as these busts weigh really solid.
Each busts is individually numbered and there are 500 pieces for each character.
I would really recommend these for G1 fans...


Me Grimlock!




There are other statues/busts from other brands (e.g Diamond Select etc) but i think the Hard Hero version beats them all.

Friday, June 26, 2015

Transformers Vintage Japanese Headmaster heads…and SHUFFLER FINALLY!

Mid last year, i managed to acquire these Japanese Headmasters through my good friend.
But there were only 5 MIB headmasters missing the rare shuffler.
Price-wise for Shuffler, it is sometimes said that the price of shuffler can exceed the price of the other 5 headmasters combined!
Nevertheless, here they are…in MIB goodness.

Lione…i've done a review and comparison to the KO Lione. (Here)
The lion transforms into...
quite a nice face/head…i think Lione is the most good looking of the lot.





For the next few months to close to a year, i have been trying to find Shuffler. Going through TF groups and ebay, Yahoo Japan….and another important factor is that there are the KOs out there, which makes the search even more difficult. Found a couple of MIB Shufflers on YHJ but the prices are just crazy! went way about how much i paid for the 5 MIB heads. Just can't bring myself to throw big numbers for much a small figure. (But it would be different if they are the White Japanese Headamster heads, which are even more difficult to find)
Guess my patience eventfully paid off and i managed to find a loose piece. and at a really good price. The next thing is its authenticity…pretty straight forward for these heads, stamping = original; no stamping = KO.
So, now…..The Elusive SHUFFLER!!!

Another happy day for a collector….

Thursday, June 25, 2015

Transformers Vintage Targetmaster C-108 Artfire

Managed to snag this exclusive piece while i was having a vacation in Europe.
For some reason, Europe is hopeless for vintages…not only, even for the newer toys like combiner wars, you don't see much in Europe. Whatever happened to the GiGs and European versions?
Or is the problem with me that i do not know where to search? Doesn't mater now.
Managed to get it shipped so that it's waiting for me when i get home…
And it's a beauty.
Unused and complete. Slight yellowing but very very very difficult to find a pristine bone-white piece now, similar to Minerva.
Still puzzling to me why this has become so rare and sought-after. Just a recolor of Inferno, add in a target master and this is the result…just puzzling.
But i'm just happy to be able to get Artfire so let's enjoy this piece for now…