Thursday, June 25, 2015

Transformers Vintage Targetmaster C-108 Artfire

Managed to snag this exclusive piece while i was having a vacation in Europe.
For some reason, Europe is hopeless for vintages…not only, even for the newer toys like combiner wars, you don't see much in Europe. Whatever happened to the GiGs and European versions?
Or is the problem with me that i do not know where to search? Doesn't mater now.
Managed to get it shipped so that it's waiting for me when i get home…
And it's a beauty.
Unused and complete. Slight yellowing but very very very difficult to find a pristine bone-white piece now, similar to Minerva.
Still puzzling to me why this has become so rare and sought-after. Just a recolor of Inferno, add in a target master and this is the result…just puzzling.
But i'm just happy to be able to get Artfire so let's enjoy this piece for now…

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