Friday, June 28, 2013

Tranformers G1 Vintage Liokaiser!!

Great chance came by with a good current price for these sets that make up LIOKAISER!
have been looking for this combiner for a very very very long time. of course one can find it easily but at a price too high. Then came a local collector who is offloading some of his transformers due to a collection (of TFs and other stuffs) that is growing too huge for his current home.
These come in individual boxes, toys all in good condition and complete...paperworks however, are not. and the boxes, some are excellent others are crap but most important are the toys.

First up, D-329 Leozack, good box, complete papers, styrofoam pristine...

D-331 Hellbat, Box is better then leozack and everything else is complete and nice!

D-332 Jallguar also a good box and complete...too bad the red sticker tag which cannot be removed due to the years that it was adhere onto the box..

D-330 Guyhawk. no papers but box and styro in good condition.

D-333 Killbison nice box and styro with complete papers.

D-334 Drillhorn probably the worst among the lot. red tape across the artwork (the face!) but can't blame anyone for is crumpled and the styrofoam is papers.

Then comes the magnificent Liokaiser!
other than Devastator, the other combiner with six individual bots and both are decepticons!

One can really see the difference in quality between the real deal and a K.O for this piece. (i have a low quality K.O but am quite sure that even the highest quality KO of Liokaiser existing in the market now can not match up.never.

Joints are tight. connections are tight. what else could i ask for?

Really a beauty...

on a side note, after looking at all the individual boxes, it really hit me again that the G1 artwork is one of the most attractive art for TFs ever...ever...then i went over to Botch the Crab webby which has all the box art of TFs, unblocked. Please go over and have a look if you are too interested in will not regret.