Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Some purchases over the past couple of months....

It's been awhile since my last blog entry. was busy with work big time.
finally had some time to take some photos, and write about transformer hauls.
Remember the ehobby clampdown and deep cover? the same buddy of mine managed to snag the following Vintage Takara boxed. 38: Blaster; 39: Perceptor and 47: Grapple.
The vintage Hot rod was bought locally at one of the days at CSC.
Nice pieces, really love the styro inserts.

Next up, is a nice European Boxed Headmaster Apeface. Complete with papers and bubble. This was off a friend who is not really into transformers but bought this years ago for some unknown reason…Sold me for cost price at prices probably 5 - 7 years ago. In very nice condition as well!

stuffs bought from ebay…ehobby Silver streak and Gold Jazz.
Still into the G1 1984 Autobot cars, i've been staring at these for quite awhile wasting efforts and missed opportunities, i put m foot down and finally managed to get them both.

Gold Jazz is MISB but for some reason, the Gold has somewhat lost it's shine, becoming a dull shiny gold, not to the extent of matt gold…yet.  Not really a fan of Jazz's mold actually. The title of the best mold til date still belongs to………...

Streak! This piece is MIB with sticker applied. Chrome is nice….and i really love the mold! you'll see later on...

Then comes the bigger prizes….got myself locally the MISB Pre-rub streak and MISB pre-rub Prowl.
For streak, the tape at the sides have dried up and dropped off naturally, the bubble has fell off too…For prowl, the tapes are still intact! a toy, MISB from 1984…coming to about 30 years old!! The bubble has dropped off as well…but i'm not ready to open up Prowl, yet. Streak on the other hand since the tapes has dropped off, i opened it. For more details, i'll share more on a separate post.
Then comes my addiction: Starscream, got this off ebay at a steal, (in fact, all these here are acquired at a steal!! a friend mentioned that i'm recently quite lucky in TF acquisitions! oh yeah!) Complete with complete papers. Pre-rubs are really the masterpiece of G1 TFs. I often refer them to poison, once you own one, you can't stop.

The last piece which i'm going to mention here would be the rarest in this round of acquisitions.
The Diaclone Blue Swoop. Comes in a nice box with a nice insert. Papers are complete as well as the complete toy. Toy is used with the used sticker sheet. Really really happy to lay my hands on one of these.

Really excited about the Diaclone Swoop, and of course the pre-rubs…gosh, i'm really poisoned now…there's a few people i need to blame but i'm not gonna mention names….you know who you are….hahahahahaha

Monday, October 21, 2013

Transformers Vintage Monstructor

Owned this previously....sold it off and now got it back a far better condition!
Unused, stickers unapplied. all instruction sheets available and even the card backing....
got this from a local seller at a very, very reasonable price!
The gold parts do not suffer from GPS...really a pristine piece!

When i was first approached to buy this piece, i was not really into re-buying it was not my priority at the point of time, and for a tiny combiner, a combiner which is about deluxe sized in combined form, not going to break the bank for it....but after he took pictures and came back with the condition of the toy, the price was too difficult to resist. My first piece was bought off ebay with only 3 shells, bristleback had GPS and cracked at the knees. Sold it off a couple of years ago...

After consideration, i finally agreed to getting Monstructor from him and when we met to transact and i inspected the toy, i confirmed that it was a choice which i would not regret.

Nice instruction sheets with the unused sticker sheets.

Shells and full accessories and weapons!

An alternative to his more expensive cousin, Dinoking, Monstructor is a more colorful "replacement". 
But the artwork does not lose out...just a pity that they do not come in boxes like dinoking.

Without a giftset version, you can't see this on a nice box...the monstructor artwork.
*Artwork courtesy of Botch The Crab

The only complaint for this piece is the lack of box, the shells are oddly shaped, therefore making it difficult to store. Dinoking has a box or individual boxes available. dump the shells in the box and you done. Monstructor, a nightmare for storage. Well, all carded toys are.