Monday, October 21, 2013

Transformers Vintage Monstructor

Owned this previously....sold it off and now got it back a far better condition!
Unused, stickers unapplied. all instruction sheets available and even the card backing....
got this from a local seller at a very, very reasonable price!
The gold parts do not suffer from GPS...really a pristine piece!

When i was first approached to buy this piece, i was not really into re-buying it was not my priority at the point of time, and for a tiny combiner, a combiner which is about deluxe sized in combined form, not going to break the bank for it....but after he took pictures and came back with the condition of the toy, the price was too difficult to resist. My first piece was bought off ebay with only 3 shells, bristleback had GPS and cracked at the knees. Sold it off a couple of years ago...

After consideration, i finally agreed to getting Monstructor from him and when we met to transact and i inspected the toy, i confirmed that it was a choice which i would not regret.

Nice instruction sheets with the unused sticker sheets.

Shells and full accessories and weapons!

An alternative to his more expensive cousin, Dinoking, Monstructor is a more colorful "replacement". 
But the artwork does not lose out...just a pity that they do not come in boxes like dinoking.

Without a giftset version, you can't see this on a nice box...the monstructor artwork.
*Artwork courtesy of Botch The Crab

The only complaint for this piece is the lack of box, the shells are oddly shaped, therefore making it difficult to store. Dinoking has a box or individual boxes available. dump the shells in the box and you done. Monstructor, a nightmare for storage. Well, all carded toys are.

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  1. Excellent acquisition! I do like Monstructor and the unused paperwork and nice nick of the cardbacks make it more than worthwhile. To be honest, if the cardbacks came with the bubbles, it would be even harder to store. So much the better than someone has cut them off haha.