Friday, April 30, 2010

Transformers Victory C-323 Road Caesar giftset

Transformers Victory C-323 Road Caesar Giftset
Another of my Victory wants....
Box was bad but the toys were in very good condition.
Road Caesar is really cool, very playable...
No regrets on this and want him even more! LOL

Road Caesar is an Autobot combiner from the Victory portion of the Generation 1 continuity family.

Road Caesar is the combined form of the Brainmasters, and a warrior almost without compare. Unlike many of his combiner predessors, who suffered from limited intelligence or other impalements when combined, Road Caesar is a perfect fusion of his components members. He brings together the strength of Braver, the skill of Laster and intelligence of Braver to create a being of truly indomitable fighting spirit. If one were to call Star Saber the "King of the skies," then there's no question that Road Caesar is the king of the land. And when these two kings fight side by side, the Decepticons always know they're in for a royal thrashing.

Road Caesar wields the mighty "Road Blade", a massive sword formed from the combination of Blacker, Braver and Laster's individual blades. But even this weapon pales in comparison to his "Brain Wheel Shocker" technique, which sees Road Caesar launch rings of super-energy from all twelve of his tires. Even his opposite number, the Decepticon Liokaiser, can't stand up to this automotive onslaught.

Transformers Victory C-326 Galaxy Shuttle

Transformers Victory C-326 Galaxy Shuttle
finally finally managed to secure this piece...
Been searching for some time already.
Got it MIB with box in good condition.
No yellowing on the happy...LOL

Galaxy Shuttle is an Autobot from the Victory portion of the Generation 1 continuity family.

Galaxy shuttle does not have a very interesting name. Nor does he have an interesting perosnality.Nor does he have an interesting job, which is basically "Autobot bus, but in space".

However, he does have a funny voice and the ridiculously interesting "Meteor Crusher" ability to become the center of a swarm of meteors which he can use to smash land-based targets to fine powder. Yikes.

Monday, April 26, 2010

FansProject Warbot: Defender

FansProject Warbot Defender : Springer
Waited for this to arrive in Singapore.
Only one shop brought it in, i wonder why....nearly ordered would have cost the same...
Anyway...Here's springer's latest incarnation...Enjoy!!

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Custom Gobots Optimus Prime

Completed....Coloring to the head, arms and the chest sliding panel...

Commissioned this piece for a friend.
A minor repaint on parts of the figure.
Abit of modification for the head to slot into the groove in alternate mode.

Monday, April 19, 2010

Transformers Zone Big Powered Giftset

Another of my targets achieved....
Transformers Zone Big Powered Giftset.
The box is not exactly in a good condition...numerous repairs on the box and the styrofoam is not in a good shape either...But heck....i did not acquire this for future sale...i want it for MYSELF!
The micromaster for sonic bomber is not the original is from the Brave recolor mold.
Otheriwse complete with instructions...Stickers applied.
Toy condition is good...No complaints from me!

Dai Atlas succeeded Star Saber as Supreme Commander of the Autobots forces. A skilled swordmans, his prowess with a blade is considered almostr equal to taht of his predecessor. Dai Atlas has sworn to defeat the forces of the new Decepticon Emperor of Destruction, Violen Jiger and protect the Zodiac at all costs.
Dai Atlas is a powered master who can combined with his partners. When combined with Sonic Bomber, they become Sky Powered. When combined with Road Fire, they become Land Powered. And Finally, when combined with Sonic Bomber and Road Fire, the three form the massive Big Powered.
His son Speeder accompanies him in battle as his micromaster partner.
Sonic Bomber is the youthful, energetic and happy-go-lucky second in command of the Autobots. he looks up to his Supreme commander, Dai Atlas with respect and admiration. Though brash and cocky, Sonic Bomber knows when to shut up and do what he's told.
He is paired with his micromaster partner, aptly named Sonic.
Road Fire is usually what one would call a "gentle giant". Despite his enormous size, strength and skill, he remains friendly and good-natued to all around him. Until the figthing starts. Once battle breaks out, so does a much more hardened Road Fire, willing to go all-out to defeat any enemy and fight to the bitter end.